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Wildwood Flower

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01/16/15 03:12:43AM @tumbleweed:

Thanks Rob

I would like to learn the words to a lot of old time songs. I need to find a folk group in my area. I lready know there isn't a dulcimer group anywhere nearby.


Rob N Lackey
01/14/15 04:58:09AM @rob-n-lackey:

That's good Tumbleweed. Yes, you need to learn the words, both the "real" ones and the ones Mother Maybelle sang. It's been said there's more Mondegreens in the Carter Family recording of Wildwood Flower than any other recorded song. lol.

01/12/15 11:57:46PM @tumbleweed:

Thanks everybody:

When I am at the Visitor Center I am doing volunteer work so I kinda can get away with a lot Rangers Bill, Charity, Rob and MaryRuth are all awesome and encouraging, that is until I get out my didge or djembe. They cringe but smile. I have had guests ask for a song. The acoustics in the VC are awesome. Ranger Rob though said the coyotes complained once so I only play inside.

I love this song because it is easy to play and has such a history. I need to learn the words though. Thanks again everyone. I love this site!

Cindy Stammich
01/12/15 10:47:38PM @cindy-stammich:

Sounding great there TW!!! I think this is a lot of people's favorite song! A must for any repertoire!Smile.gif

Ken Backer
01/12/15 09:39:37PM @ken-backer:

Nice going, TW. Amazing how that song endures. Then somebody came along and borrowed the melody for a song called "The Good Ship Ruben James". You might considering playing when the guests are IN the visitor center. They would enjoy it.

Paul Killian
01/12/15 04:16:23PM @paul-killian:

Thanks, TW. Nice playing.

Lexie R Oakley
01/12/15 11:58:31AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Love the song and that you play your dulcimer for the rangers.

Seems a good fit, nature and your MD. Nice playingGrin.gif

Patty from Virginia
01/12/15 08:49:52AM @patty-from-virginia:

Nice job TW! That's wonderful you can bring your dulcimer to work with you. During my last long term job assignment I had a shelf in my cubicle that I could store my dulcimer. I thought I could bring it to work and play it during my lunch break. I never got around to doing that. I opted to bring my harmonica. It was a bit more portable. I would sit in my car in the parking lot(warmer weather of course) and play. I'm not sure if those who passed by enjoyed itGrin.gifSmile.gif