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Varoufakis - style on Galax-Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:03:48
Herr Varoufakis hat das alles ganz anders gemeint !The greek minister of finance showed his left middle finger to Germany and our German minister of finance - Schuble. I thought this must have been a mistake and so I searched in history and found the origin of this : Pythagoras and his monochord !!! The melody is traditional greek. I don't know the title.The instrument is a beauty - " ulricus-style".Have fun!Wilfried Ulrich
Steve Battarbee
04/11/15 04:39:12AM @steve-battarbee:
Wilfried I really enjoyed this tune and your playingDanke
Patty from Virginia
03/28/15 08:26:28PM @patty-from-virginia:

Excellent playing! In this country the one finger salute can cause some ill willGrin.gif

Dusty Turtle
03/28/15 02:56:40AM @dusty-turtle:

That's hilarious! The tune is quite catchy, too. Nice playing!

As a displaced New Englander and a baseball fan, I feel obliged to report that the first documented use of "the finger" in the United States dates from the 1880s when a member of the Boston Beaneaters gave the finger to the rival New York Giants. No better rivalry in sports!

Ken Backer
03/27/15 07:18:58PM @ken-backer:

Wilfried, all I can say is24.gif That was great, the video and playing.

03/27/15 07:04:17PM @strumelia:

Oh my, this really got me laughing...! Especially when it 'came to life' with you playing.

So great to hear this lovely tune, that beautiful dulcimer, and your happy smile at the end.

More please Wilfried!

Lexie R Oakley
03/27/15 01:30:40PM @lexie-r-oakley:

I am sorry about your finger, but love the song and you have a beautiful instrument.

Wilfried Ulrich
03/27/15 01:16:46PM @wilfried-ulrich:

In the moment I have to use my middle finger because I stroke my circular saw. That beast hit my index finger and scratched a little on the bone. It will need some weeks to use it again. I had great luck !!!!!!!!!!

To all woodworkers : Be carefull !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gordon Hardy
03/27/15 12:43:13PM @gordon-hardy:

It is for sure a beautiful instrument and a catchy tune. I appreciate your political humor. I haven't tried noting with my middle finger, always use my index finger. I'll have to try it sometime. Thanks for posting

Ben Barr Jr
03/27/15 09:31:30AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice sounding instrument. Enjoyed it.