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dulcimer 2

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Duration: 00:02:06
I recently made a second dulcimer from a Cedar Creek Dulcimer Kit. This is the results.
Lexie R Oakley
11/16/14 03:00:54PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very nice picking and I like your dulcimer, bet you had lots of fun building it.41.gif

Patty from Virginia
08/10/14 05:08:59PM @patty-from-virginia:

Really nice sound on that dulcimer113.gif

Ken Backer
08/08/14 09:16:12PM @ken-backer:

Good pickin' there, Byron, and nice job on the dulcimer.

Helen Seiler
08/06/14 06:46:49PM @helen-seiler:
Thank you , thank you Byron. I do have the tab for that.
Byron Kinnaman
08/06/14 11:22:50AM @byron-kinnaman:

Thanks Helen, the name of tune is "Black Mountain Rag".

Helen Seiler
08/06/14 04:20:49AM @helen-seiler:

Great job Byron. It looks and soundslike you put her together real nice. I love this tune and can never figure out its name. I am sure I have the tab somewhere but can never figure out which one it is. So please tell this dumb Aussie what its called.Smile.gif

Gary Major
08/05/14 11:57:10PM @gary-major:

Great playing, Keep them coming. !!

John Keane
08/05/14 06:18:10PM @john-keane:

Looks like ya made a good 'un! Smile.gif

Ben Barr Jr
08/05/14 01:05:22PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:
Nice one!
08/05/14 12:51:23PM @bobby-maxspop-bingham:

Hey, Byron. Looks like you make a great looking MD and you can play that puppy, too! Sounds great!Grin.gif