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Location: Iron Mountain, MI
Country: US

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The Holly and the Ivy

The Holly and the Ivy

style or instrument: Dulcimer CGG

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Greg Patterson
12/28/15 07:15:49PM @greg-patterson:

Thanks, Helen! I think I do often march to the beat of a different strummer.  Or several. In the same song.   So perhaps a little strumming practice is in order, lest I bum when I should have diddied grin    

Helen Seiler
12/27/15 02:29:55PM @helen-seiler:

Hi again Greg, i now am able to play soundfiles. This is nice playing. You are coming long great. If you dont mind me suggesting something, I reckon you might be ready to try learning a 'bum diddy' strum. Thats when, if you have to play the same note 3 times, rather than playing each with a single strum, you stroke out-in-out,  in one smooth motion. Or if you like to strum inwards it would be an in-out-in. I started by doing it super slow with out fretting anything. It gradually frees up the wrist and when it was suggested to me it really moved my playing up a notch. But 'bum diddys' arent compulsory,  but they sure are fun once you get he hang of them. Happy playing.

Greg Patterson
12/19/15 02:53:34PM @greg-patterson:

Recorded using my Webcam, of course giggle2 ... said the computer illiterate one... I better check... it creates a Windows Media Audio file on my computer.

Helen Seiler
12/19/15 01:15:01PM @helen-seiler:

G'day Greg.. i have  been having issues on my tablet with playing audio files on the site. I have just got Soundcloud files playing. Can i ask what your sound files are recorded using. Thanks