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Matt Berg
@matt-berg • one month ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Cedar soundboards":
"Depends on to whom you are talking.  I have heard some describe it as a sweet sound and others a bit trebly.  Cedar is  lighter wood than spruce or almost..."
Matt Berg
@matt-berg • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "String Sources, gauges, types":
"I mostly just shop the acoustic guitar string sales from wherever.  Depending on gauges, the 1-2-3 or 1-2-4 strings make up a three string dulcimer.  Yes, I..."
Matt Berg
@matt-berg • 3 months ago • comments: 4
Created a new Group discussion "End Joints":
"Interesting youtube look at whether or not end joints are the weakest."

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Matt Berg

Leveling a Fretboard

I have two nice pieces of 1X2 quarter-sawn maple to make fretboards....
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Matt Berg

End Joints

Interesting youtube look at whether or not end joints are the...
@Matt Berg 3 months ago - Comments: 4
Matt Berg

Ugly Wood - Lacquer v Polyurethane Dulcimer Project

I am a sucker for straight grained clear lumber, so when I found two 4...
@Matt Berg 10 months ago - Comments: 9
Matt Berg

Testing Lacquer v Polyurethane

Has anyone done any testing of how using lacquer v polyurethane impacts...
@Matt Berg last year - Comments: 13
Matt Berg

down draft table

Sometimes it feels like more of my wood becomes sawdust than...
@Matt Berg 4 years ago - Comments: 4
Matt Berg

Carpal Tunnel & dulcimers

A student in my class has carpal tunnel syndrome.  This causes her hand...
@Matt Berg 4 years ago - Comments: 4
Matt Berg

No Tool Dulcimer Kit

In another forum, and I can't remember which, several people were...
@Matt Berg 5 years ago - Comments: 1
Matt Berg

Teak Oil on softwood

A friend gave me some teak oil he wasn't going to use. I've tried it on...
@Matt Berg 8 years ago - Comments: 1
Matt Berg

Does anyone recognize this wood?

I recovered this wood from a pallet. Am using it to make two student...
@Matt Berg 8 years ago - Comments: 13
Matt Berg

Butterfingers are not just a Halloween candy.

After getting too much Halloween candy on my fingers (donated by my...
@Matt Berg 9 years ago - Comments: 5
Matt Berg

A different all cedar dulcimer

Ed Gaunt's discussion on an all cedar dulcimer inspired me. I am...
@Matt Berg 9 years ago - Comments: 11

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Shipping in the cold

Posted: Tuesday February 5 2019, 8:56 AM
By: @Ken Longfield


04/12/14 06:26:04AM @guglielmo:


my bow was in bundle with a chinese violin (almost a toy) I bought several years ago.

Of course if you are a professional it makes a difference, but in my case I'm afraid it is quite the same. But it is important the use of the rosin, as explained in the following link :

Don't forget to clean the strings after the use :)

Keep me informed


Marjorie Meinzinger
10/18/13 08:45:33AM @marjorie-meinzinger:
I play a hourglass shaped McSpadden that I bought in1996 from Bob Tack
Marjorie Meinzinger
10/17/13 11:46:09AM @marjorie-meinzinger:
So is there a picture of one somewhere? Can it be purchased? Sounds VERY interesting AND makes sense.
Marjorie Meinzinger
10/17/13 10:26:35AM @marjorie-meinzinger:
My dulcimer is soft and pretty and if I wanted I spose I could put an amp on her. I don't want to get rid of my original one. But I've seen some that are bigger with deeper voices and louder. I just bought a new guitar so now I'm gonna save up for a new dulcimer. I know someone in Wayne that makes nice ones and if I tell him what I want he'd make it. But music money has to be saved bit by bit. Got my guitar that way. A couple years to save maybe. MD s are quieter by nature. While I save for a new MD ill have to learn to play the guitar. Man, that thing requires one to be a finger contortionist.
Marjorie Meinzinger
10/17/13 09:27:06AM @marjorie-meinzinger:
PS. The group is very welcoming just come to play and enjoy . Ill share music until you join. I like to sit by the fiddles and in front of guitars. I play AUTOHARP until I get a louder MD.
Marjorie Meinzinger
10/17/13 09:24:07AM @marjorie-meinzinger:
Matt, I'm at Geddes between Beck and Canton Center. Silver String is mostly hammered but there are MD players too. There is a MD gathering in a home in Canton. Come to Silver String anyway, The Moutain Dulcimers play at play dates. You'll probably like the group. First and Third Thursdays at Hope Lutheran on Cherry Hill between Middlebelt and Inkster. I hope to go tonight. 7:00 we start. MD group meets Wednesdays but I can't remember which. Ill find out.
Marjorie Meinzinger
08/08/13 08:39:59AM @marjorie-meinzinger:
Hey Matt, Are you still living in Canton.? Do you ever go to Silver Strings? I live in South Canton near Geddes. are you anywhere near ther?
RavenMadd Garcia
09/01/12 07:30:32PM @ravenmadd-garcia:

gonna check out your site ...oh and hello new amigo!

Bill Lewis
08/05/11 03:32:38PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Matt, glad ya found us. Grin.gif
Jim Fawcett
08/05/11 01:53:06PM @jim-fawcett:
Hey Matt, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.
John Keane
08/05/11 09:31:08AM @john-keane:
Hello and welcome to FOTMD!