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Pretty Saro

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:17
I found this lovely tune in Jean Ritchie’s “Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians.” It has to be my favorite folk song right now. Simple, but true and oh so beautiful.
BJ Jordan
01/28/20 11:18:36AM @betty-bj-jordan:


Noah Aikens
01/11/20 10:15:24PM @noah-aikens:

I have yes. It's on the CD included with Fiona Ritchie and Doug Orr's book wayfaring stranger

Jill Geary
01/11/20 09:25:45PM @jill-geary:

Really nice! One of my all-time favorite songs. Have you heard John Doyle (from Ireland) sing this? 

Cynthia Wigington
01/10/20 02:43:32PM @cynthia-wigington:

Nice - I especially like the sparseness of the guitar notes. The longer I play and sing, the sparser I want the notes.

01/08/20 10:23:04PM @irene:

AND you have a fine voice and play with feelings and it was wonderful to hear you and I smile with all the uncut strings on your guitar.   I hope you find a "pretty Saro" that doesn't want big house and land and stuff, but a wonderful young man such as you..............that is wayyyyyyy more valuable................   aloha, irene

Steven Berger
01/08/20 07:30:59PM @steven-berger: