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BJ Jordan
Dulcimer Dude Joining the Jam MY DULCIMER PEEPS Connie & Mike Clemmer 09
BJ Jordan
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"I just love this painting Robin. You lucked up. She did a wonderful job. BJ"
BJ Jordan
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"What a lovely tune Ariane. You are amazing. BJ  "
BJ Jordan
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Miriam Storz
07/02/15 10:45:43AM @miriam-storz:

Hallo BJ, I'm finally back. But I don't know how to write messages on the new Site?
Lovely hot hot summer Greetings (Today 102 degrees / 39 celsius) 

Don Pedi
09/27/11 08:54:55AM @don-pedi:

BJ, GADC was a great festival. I'm thinking to go up to Cumberland Gap on Friday. Maybe see you there. All best, Don

Michael Shull
07/08/11 10:41:15AM @michael-shull:

Hi BJ. It was nice to meet you. Last weekend was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed being on stage with Mike Clemmer. We seldom get to play or see each other. To all other dulcimers friends, have a look to see what you missed on the Pickin' Porch last Saturday night


Ethan Chastain
04/06/11 08:07:00PM @ethan-chastain:


It was nice meeting you Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you at some of the classes this summer.

Did you guys make it through the storm ok?



John Henry
03/28/11 03:25:12PM @john-henry:

Hi BJ, most of the dulcimer players I hang out with know that the DAC, noter/drone combination is my favourite. I find it very 'forgiving', LOL.


Dana R. McCall
03/08/11 09:34:03AM @dana-r-mccall:
Thanks BJ maybe i'll head that way.
Dana R. McCall
03/07/11 09:25:43PM @dana-r-mccall:
Hello BJ I live in Winchester, KY home town of Homer Ledford and I'm friends with his wife Colista. I had no idea they had a display of him in Cumberland Falls. Colista is gathering things now for a room to be dedicated to him at Eastern Collage in Richmond KY.Smile.gif
Don Pedi
02/22/11 05:47:09PM @don-pedi:
Thanks BJ
Nancy Barker
02/11/10 02:51:49PM @nancy-barker:
Hi, BJ. My family is from the Corbin area. My great-great-grandfather was James Corbin Floyd (Corbin was named for him - a circuit preacher for many years). My son is named Corbin! I just thought I'd connect with you - we're probably related some way if you are from the area. Also, I have Warren May's 100th mountain dulcimer! I've been playing since I was 17 or 18 and mom (from Keavey) remembers the instrument when she was a child.
Randy S. Bretz
01/09/10 12:56:28PM @randy-s-bretz:
Thank you for the nice comment, I just love creating unique instruments with raw wood and lots of details.
Patrick O'Brien
10/28/09 07:54:34PM @patrick-obrien:
Hi there Betty,a great place here
Rod Westerfield
10/28/09 10:30:47AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome"BJ" glad ya joined the family
Bill Lewis
10/28/09 10:14:32AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Betty