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Impenitent traditionalism

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Jethro Amburgey

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Bibliography of "mountain" dulcimer history

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Better image for Kentucky dulcimer players

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The worst sort of gig

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1 There Was an Old Woman

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Caney Fork

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Who made this dulcimer?

Posted: Monday January 25 2010, 12:25 AM
By: @razyn

Bess Lomax Hawes, 1921-2009

Posted: Sunday December 20 2009, 9:23 AM
By: @Ken Bloom

John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry

Posted: Tuesday October 27 2009, 5:14 PM

I just made a twelve string guitar

Posted: Wednesday October 21 2009, 3:09 PM
By: @Robin Thompson


12/06/22 07:02:46PM @strumelia:

Thank you so much for supporting the site Richard. sun

Wilfried Ulrich
07/03/11 10:38:00AM @wilfried-ulrich:

Hello Dick,

my book "The Story of the Hummel" was printed as the catalogue of the exhibition "Die Hummel" in the Museum Cloppenburg / Germany. More than 50 historical instruments were shown. Look at:


181 pages, colour photos, history of the instrument from medieval times to 20th century, 44 instruments in the appendix with all measurements. hardcover.

The price is 22,- + 7,- shipping (around 42 $ ) Shipping time could be 3 weeks because of proof at airports. 2 books had a shipping time of 6 weeks !!! (with a steamship?) Best is to pay with Paypal in (EURO) to my e-mail adress

best regards


John Shaw
02/15/11 09:40:58AM @john-shaw:
Dick, Thanks a lot for the Friend invite and the PM, which I really appreciate. Because of problems with our computer I seem to be unable to send PMs, although I can receive them. If you're comfortable with this, would you consider PM-ing me your email address and?or your phone number? (I'm still able to read PMs, and to send emails).
Flint Hill
12/05/09 03:25:15PM @flint-hill:
People in LaGrange, Georgia knew "Cotton Mill Girls" ca. 1960, before Hedy West's 1963 Vanguard recording. I never encountered it in Gastonia or Kannapolis, NC when I i visited there in the mid and late 1960s. My aunt Leola said that she remembered it from the textile strikes of the 1930s in LaGrange. She didn't know the verse that contains North Georgia place names (Gilmer, Bartow, Cartecay, Ellijay). That verse is so tidy and well-crafted that I have wondered whether Don or Hedy West might have written it. I have long suspected that the song's trail would lead to the New England textile towns, and that it came south relatively late. However Boston trad music types in the late 1980s knew it only from Hedy's recording, and not as a local song. I'd love to learn what you know about it.
Flint Hill
11/17/09 05:08:15PM @flint-hill:
Thanks for the information on "Babylon is Falling". I would be interested in seeing the facsimile, if it's not too much trouble. I have been unable to find it online. I will read Chute's genealogical page when I get back home tonight.I have a couple of pages of notes on the song, but nothing before Millennial Praises, which it sounds like you also have. The key to taking it further back may lie in "Sons of Sorrow" which has a nearly identical tune. That's the direction I was exploring this week.Have you read this article?G. W. Williams, "Babylon is Fallen: The Story of a North American Hymn" _The Hymn_ Volume 44, April 1993, pp 31-35.I have not, but I have it on my library list. I live in the sticks, and I don't have an ideal library situation.Thanks for your interest. This is my sort of thing, too, though I have no academic background in the area.I'll post my notes somewhere and reference them here in a day or two.Ken
Robin Thompson
11/08/09 04:28:49PM @robin-thompson:
Dick, thanks for reminding me of the General Custer Nicholas thread!
Ken Longfield
09/24/09 08:46:50PM @ken-longfield:
Well, it took me awhile with traveling this summer and then trying to catch up with things at the church. I'll try to get in to things here on a more regular basis.
08/13/09 04:42:42PM @strumelia:
Dick that's such a lovely photo of you with the beautiful child.