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Untitled Again - Barest Bones

Untitled Again - Barest Bones

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Just picking away, and I've not worked out amy chords or stuff for this, but I was wondering whether i should continue developing it, or whether it's just one of those 'leave it and move on' noodles. I thought I'd ask you clever people in FOTMD land .. I've been dwelling on my son's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and maybe it sounds a bit like that... hmmm ... Worth pursuing..? The computer microphone doesn't do the dulcimer much justice .. but it was just impulse to record it before I forgot it..
Anne Bowman
08/20/16 03:00:50AM @anne-bowman:

Thanks for that Steven. Oriental ...hmmm... interesting. As for my son - with CFS it could be years ...

Steven Berger
08/20/16 01:59:19AM @steven-berger:

I like it Anne...has an Oriental sound to it...keep going with it! Hope your son is doing better.