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Spring Skip

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It was sunny this morning and I watched a Bing Futch concert live on, so a good mood is guaranteed .... Later on I was noodling and came up with this. Once again on the computer microphone, which makes things sound tinny, so I tweaked it a bit and trimmed it in Soundbooth and upped the tempo a tad. Just a bit of fun....
Anne Bowman
09/16/16 11:25:26PM @anne-bowman:

Thanks for that Charles ....

Charles Thomas
09/16/16 09:12:26PM @charles-thomas:

Anne, that little snippet was wonderful!! From a fellow noodler- more please!! 

Anne Bowman
09/16/16 07:38:02AM @anne-bowman:

Thanks Helen...



Anne Bowman
09/09/16 12:09:36AM @anne-bowman:

At least it's predictable... so anyone could play along without having heard it ...