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Sinner Man

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Blue Hand
05/03/12 04:13:38PM @blue-hand:

Thank you all for the comments!

Carrie, that's a nice thought, a dulcimer choir, and by the looks of it we alreadygot some membersGrin.gif

Sam, the song is indeed played in DAC. I like minor sounding tunes as well, and if you aroundlook on fotmd,i am sure you willfind more Aeolian songs to learn!

05/03/12 01:46:49PM @sam:

Sure don't want to diminish your singing (which is very good) but I'm excited about the instrumental part. Sounds like it might play in DAC. I love the DAC tuning but only have one or two songs to even try. Thanks for posting Sinner Man.

05/03/12 10:33:22AM @mandy:

Love the sound on this!! Great stuff. Grin.gif

Karen Keane
05/02/12 06:33:19PM @karen-keane:

Great job, I really enjoyed this!

John Keane
05/02/12 05:12:14PM @john-keane:

Nicely done!

John Henry
05/02/12 05:07:59PM @john-henry:
It had me singing with you Patric (scary huh!) Really enjoyed it.John