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Throw the Wood Laddie - Orpheus Caledonius (1733)

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:50
Let me invite you to a little walk in the woods behind my house. Nothing very Scottish, I agree, but isn't Nature universal?
The tune played here is probably very old. A version entitled "Through the Wood, Laudie" was found in a collection of lute tablatures dated 1643/4, which belonged to Lady Margaret of Wemyss, in Fife (Scotland). As with many such tunes, the original lyrics have been replaced with mushy poems by Allan Ramsay (Tea Table Miscellany, 1723) that are not worth lingering over.
The music is much more interesting. The tune has been the subject of numerous arrangements, in particular by Francesco Barsanti (A collection of Old Scots Tunes, 1742) and the Scottish composer James Oswald (A Second Collection of Curious Scots Tunes, 1743). I prefer the arrangement by William Thomson in the 1733 version of his Orpheus Caledonius. The melody is rid of baroque flourishes and the bass line is sober and nevertheless very effective. I took the liberty of adding a discreet line of broken chords to mark the pace of a walk in the forest.
The dulcimer (walnut/spruce) is from the Stoney End brand:
tuned 1-5-8 (C-G-c)
06/11/24 02:08:16PM @davisjames:

Beautiful arrangement,thanks.

Jim Yates
06/08/24 01:53:34PM @jim-yates:

This is wonderful.  Thank you 

06/07/24 09:24:33PM @strumelia:

Just beautiful.   🤗

Homer Ross
06/07/24 04:26:25PM @homer-ross:

Awesome tune and beautiful presentation.