How do i add my tunes...?

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Hi JP,  Dusty Turtle has answered your questions.  (thanks Dusty!)

A couple additional details I'll add-  

I just created a new discussion outlining the simple steps to add an Audio file (your own Mp3 file, or soundcloud) to this site, see here:

A good way to learn your way around here is to click on the links along the top of the navigation bar on every page.  It shows the main areas.  They pertain to what 'everyone' posts.  Another good way is to click on the links you find on your own profile page... they pertain more to content that YOU post.

Do look through the Site Questions forum Dusty linked to.  It contains other threads that have been asked and answered, like: How do I post a Video?

And do look through the Site Rules Dusty linked to as well.  There it explains more answers to your questions, like: What kind of videos are allowed?  Reading the site rules will help you avoid posting something that moderators will remove. 

Lastly, because this thread is all about how to use this site, I'm now going to move it into the Site Questions Forum, so that others will benefit from it as well.   Thanks!  nod

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Dusty Turtle
Dusty Turtle
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@jp, before I answer your question, let me point you to the place to ask questions about the site.  Click on Forums, and the first one is " Site Questions: How Do I . . ? " That is the place to post questions about how to do things here. In fact, before you pose your own question, you should peruse the existing discussions to see if someone has already asked the same question.

Now . . . yes, of course you can post your own music.  You can post videos from YouTube or Vimeo and audio files directly to FOTMD or via SoundCloud.  There are some rules, though. You can only post tunes that are in the public domain or that you wrote yourself and you must actually be playing or singing on the piece you post.  Please read the Site Rules to make sure whatever you post here is acceptable.

To add an audio or video file, start from your own home page, click "audio" or "video" and then the "+" sign. It should be self-explanatory, but if you have problems, you know where to ask for help.

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Ken Longfield
Ken Longfield
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I would be interested in hearing your music. So, yes. You need to follow the rules of which include the music must be in the public domain and you must perform it. Click on you name (it's in blue in upper right hand corner next to the search symbol. Just click on you name, not the drop down menu. You will find a button that says "Audio." Click on it and then on the + sign to add audio files. You can do that from either Soundcloud or a file on your computer. Choose the file and the click upload. Then click on "create." That should do it.


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i am still not sure of the functions of this site.... i am just learning as  i go so my question is....

can you upload your music on this site? if so would anyone like to hear a selection from my (out of print)

CD? a Hurdy Gurdy selection?  if so say yes and please tel me host to do it...

thank you.

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