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Posted a new Comment on 1764 Moravian Zitters or Not?:
"Razyn, It was great hearing from you after all these years.  I have always placed a high value on your informed input.  I agree that sheer numbers of..."
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"Three String  Glad you joined us on FOTMD.  I, too, am interested in the Beech Mountain dulcimer builders.  I began too late in life to meet most of them in..."
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Posted a response to "Mountain Dulcimer A to Z":
"I won't be able to attend, but you won't be disappointed with Stephen Seifert's workshop.  He is a natural teacher and one of the best instructors out there...."
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"The inverted hearts are characteristic of Hicks dulcimers.  Edd Presnell learned dulcimer making from his father-in-law, Ben Hicks.  Edd changed the basic..."