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Once I Had A Sweetheart

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Hi everybody,this is a very old irish ballad probably well known because of the Pentangle or Joan Baez, who played it in beautiful modern versions several decades ago. It is called "Once I Had a Sweetheart".This is my second attempt to produce something using my new dulcimer. All I record is far from being perfect, its just a draft, an idea to submit to whoever would like to listen to it, share opinions and give advice.Basically, I use a loop station in order to record the verse and another pedal to add/remove presence or chorus while the voice is not singing. With the bow I record the bass in the 2nd track (starting from the 2nd verse) and from the 3rd verse on I start improvising using the melody string (a little bit messy, it is live, but I have a lot of fun :)Ive seen theres already a video showing a very good interpretation of the same song from the friend Dave Kirkpatrick, but he uses a different technique so I think my video could not be considered redundant.
04/21/18 12:25:18AM @marg:

So interesting & now I want to try to loop. Fun adventures


Dusty Turtle
04/21/18 12:13:14AM @dusty-turtle:

This is really nice.  Inventive and interesting.

04/20/18 10:33:50PM @blondie:

This is really cool and beautiful.  I must get my looper out and play around with it.  Thanks!

Terry Wilson
04/20/18 10:09:45PM @terry-wilson:

Now that's what I call super cool.   Different, but I throughly enjoyed your song and presentation.   Had to listen and watch twice.

04/20/18 09:57:54PM @strumelia:

Guglielmo, this is so terrific.  I wish you'd post more for us. 

I hope you are well, and still playing music, ...and perhaps still playing your dulcimer?    dulcimer

04/13/14 07:18:32PM @guglielmo:

There's another draft of mine at the following link:

I've posted the video there because it is the only place here where we are allowed to post covers, or sort of.



04/12/14 07:09:12PM @guglielmo:

Thanks everyone for your comments and your support

@Stanley - Yes, some versions report "he/she's gone and left me". But as you can listen here Joan Baez sings "He's gone and leave me".It seemed strange to me as well, but knowing that you felt the same way I did makes me feel better. On the other side The Pentangle sing "he's gone and left me". So here's the mystery: why Joan Baez sung that words? Do they make sense in some way in English?

Maryann Lang
04/12/14 06:34:40PM @maryann-lang:

Wow, this is great, felt like I was at a celtic concert!

Stanley Adams
04/12/14 06:19:16PM @stanley-adams:

the last line sounds like yuy are singing "She's gone and leave (or leaft?) me " but it should be "She's gone and left me". Left sounds very different than leave, and for correct speaking it should be left in this case i think.

Stanley Adams
04/12/14 06:16:22PM @stanley-adams:

Wow this is terrific!!!!!!

Tom McDonald
04/11/14 10:25:41PM @tom-mcdonald:

This is great! My wife got me looping pedal for Christmas a few years ago, but I never really learned to use it. I'll have to try it again.

Dana R. McCall
04/11/14 10:19:15PM @dana-r-mccall:

I LOVE it! Love the capo making it Em I love minor tunes and the use of the bow is great I can't wait till tomorrow to get out my bow and try it on my dulcimer. Thanks for the video. Keep up the great work!Grin.gif

Marion Seaman
04/11/14 02:09:09PM @marion-seaman:
thisis really 'far out'! Bravo u make the dulcimer sound like an orchestra.........and your singing/pronunciation is great too dont change a thing just be yourself. well donemarion
04/11/14 08:42:39AM @guglielmo:

Thanks everybody Smile.gif

@Michael -Did you recognizeyour capo working on my dulcimer in the video? Grin.gif

Michael W. Fluegge
04/11/14 08:01:38AM @michael-w-fluegge:


you should show the other video you made, you know, the one you sent me.

I am impressed that you play that old Irish ballad, it was one of my favorites when I was young.

Last century that was.

Shawn McCurdy
04/11/14 07:03:28AM @shawn-mccurdy:

Very creative!

John Keane
04/11/14 05:57:49AM @john-keane:

You have some very creative ideas and cools sounds going on here. It really has a "Jethro Tull" vibe to it (sans flute). I like it! Smile.gif

04/11/14 04:37:13AM @guglielmo:

@Patty - Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it :)

@Mary - Yes, it's me singing with my improbable english :)

By the way, I know fotmd are very kind people and they usually prefer to support rather than discourage the players. But I really could use advice from native speakers when I sing, because there might be words, or parts of the verses I should smoothen in order to sing better; and for sure I can't get it from myself.

So, I really hope everyone will feel copletely free to tell me what doesn't sound good -words or music as well-

Thanks a lot


Patty from Virginia
04/10/14 10:20:32PM @patty-from-virginia:

That's pretty coolSmile.gif