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Country: United States

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Harvest Home

Artist: JenniferC
Duration: 00:01:44

Here's me clunking my way slowly through Harvest Home. I've been working at it for a week now. Arrangement by Mark Gilston.

01/25/17 05:57:22PM @jenniferc:

Thanks so much,  Lexie  and Strumelia.  

Lexie, I don't have any playing partners either.   

01/25/17 04:36:25PM @strumelia:

Sounds great to me Jennifer-  Keep up the good work!  clapper

Lexie R Oakley
01/21/17 11:52:19AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very beautifully played, it is wonderful you get to take lessons from Mark.

I haven't anyone in my area in MT who knows of or plays MD, but I just enjoy learning and playing on my own. Enjoy our wood things with sweet strings!

01/20/17 08:35:29PM @jenniferc:

Thanks so much,  Dusty!  My first foray into the world of chord melody,  I'm loving it! 

I aspire to play half as well as you someday, lol. 

Dusty Turtle
01/20/17 12:15:31PM @dusty-turtle:

Nice job, Jennifer!  Keep it up. That's not an easy arrangement, and you're doing well with it.

01/20/17 07:27:13AM @jenniferc:

Thanks for the encouragement,  everyone! 

Marg,  I have not been able to locate any other players near me,  and certainly no music stores that sell dulcimers.   I've recently started taking lessons from Mark Gilston,  who is about an hour from me,  and so last week was the first time I've actually ever even seen another person playing!  I know there is a club not far from me,  but it is in a retirement community,  and they won't let me join!   If I ever make it over to Houston area, I'll let you know!  

Val Hughes
01/20/17 05:04:23AM @val-hughes:

Very well done Jennifer.

01/20/17 12:48:49AM @marg:

Nice, thanks.

I see you are in Temple, TX - are there many dulcimer players around or even music shops that have dulcimers? I am north of Houston & as large as this area is, the nearest dulcimer maker is over an hour away. I miss not being able to go into a shop & sit and play a number of different dulcimers trying to decide which I would like.

If ever you are over this way, let me know & maybe we can strum together

Steven Berger
01/19/17 07:29:06PM @steven-berger:

Sounds good, Jennifer!



Charles Thomas
01/19/17 07:10:04PM @charles-thomas:

Bravo!! That was wonderful!