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A song for John

Artist: JenniferC
Duration: 00:02:10

A dear friend of mine lost his long fought battle against bipolar disorder last month. He was a wonderful, caring person and brilliant musician. I miss him so. He was my muse.

05/19/17 02:33:13PM @jenniferc:

Thank you,  Cindy.  Yes, I find any artistic expression incredibly helpful for healing. Music, poetry, art.  I'm glad you enjoyed.

Cindy Stammich
05/18/17 11:29:34PM @cindy-stammich:

I am so sorry for your loss.  This was beautiful!  I believe that playing music and sharing our music is soothing and part of our healing.  Thank you for sharing!

05/18/17 08:14:40PM @jenniferc:

@Steven-Berger. Thank you Steven, it's soothing to play.  


Steven Berger
05/18/17 06:55:09PM @steven-berger:

What a beautiful tribute for your friend, Jennifer. Sorry for your loss.