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Location: Midland, MI
Country: US

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musician/member name: Joy W.
Duration: 00:02:45
Another rehearsal video from the Mid-Michigan Mountain Dulcimers. We played for nearly two hours at a "folk music Sunday" gig and several pieces were recorded. Unfortunately, with strong breezes, it is very difficult to hear much on the videos from the actual performance so now we're sharing our practices. :-)
Joy W.
08/10/15 08:54:27PM @joy-w:

Thanks, Christine! I thought of you when I played that part. wasntme Maybe one of these days we'll have an opportunity to revive the Duliborn duo version.  nod

Christine Shoemaker
08/10/15 07:58:21PM @christine-shoemaker:

Very nice! Well played!  clapper   I'm happy to see that you've kept the walk up that I love so much, Joy!  And you even did it twice - that really made me smile!  smile   Thanks for sharing.

Joy W.
08/08/15 05:11:02PM @joy-w:

Thank you, Lexie. Like so many of us here, I played in isolation until I happened across a few other mountain dulcimer players that live within driving distance. There is a different energy created when you play together so I feel very fortunate in that regard. :-)

Lexie R Oakley
08/07/15 09:16:14AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very beautiful Joy, it is wonderful you have others to play with on your porch.

Joy W.
08/06/15 10:46:06PM @joy-w:

Thanks, William. Unison playing has its place but I am a big fan of layering with harmonies. :-)

William Mann
08/06/15 09:57:25PM @william-mann:

Pleasant to listen to.  I particularly enjoyed the harmonies.  My group does this, and it really adds a rich texture to the music.  More!