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lorraine stevenson
05/24/11 01:05:42AM @lorraine-stevenson:
I loved it....
BJ Jordan
05/09/11 03:13:40PM @betty-bj-jordan:


That's was just beautiful!


John Turner
05/09/11 02:29:18PM @john-turner:
Hello Judith, That's a lovely tune you composed on your Schnaufer McSpadden. About 3 months ago I bought a Ginger all walnut and was so pleased with thequality and sound I've ordered a standard McSpadden walnut back and sides and a redwood soundboard. Ialready have an all walnut Folkcraft, a Ron Gibson cherry top and bad back with walnut sides, plus my first cheaper spuce top Ozark,allpurchased within 2 years, I fell in love with them and can't stop buying them !!! My first instrument is acoustic guitarof which I have a collection !! Now trying out Octave Mandola too. Anyway, thank's again for your lovely playing, just going to check if you have more recordings, Best wishes, John T.
Randy Adams
05/08/11 09:31:27PM @randy-adams:
Very pretty Judith.
Judith Giddings
05/08/11 07:56:22AM @judith-giddings:
Actually, thanks for all the comments. I didn't see them all when I made my first reply! 9.gif
Judith Giddings
05/08/11 07:41:59AM @judith-giddings:
Thanks for the kind comments, Val and John. John, no wonder you thought the dulcimer might go flying. Now that I look at the video again, I certainly did chase it around on my lap a lot! LOL It's a wonder there weren't extra "swoosh" sounds on the video!
John Keane
05/08/11 07:39:51AM @john-keane:
Really nice...thanks for this! Your dulcimer has a great tone as well...just top rate.
John Henry
05/08/11 02:21:36AM @john-henry:

Much enjoyed Judith! I spend a lot of time playing (with) my own compositions, and if they all came out like 'Passages' I would be well pleased. As an aside, can I say that my heart was in my mouth thr'out the piece, I was sure that your beautiful instrument was going to end up on the floor. I should have had more faith in your ability to control it !!!

my regards


Alan Thompson
05/08/11 02:03:35AM @alan-thompson:
Thank you so much for this it is just gorgeous