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Location: Arlington, TX
Country: US

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02/27/16 04:33:23PM @pine:

Thanks Leonard..glad ya liked my little tune!

Robin Thompson
12/06/15 04:30:55PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Leonard, for the nice comment about O, Tannenbaum-- and I read it to Mark, too!  :) 

Happy Christmas to you & yours & happy strumming! 

Ruth Lawrence
10/10/12 11:47:03PM @ruth-lawrence:

thank you for the warm welcome! I live in north west Arlington - wow! it's a small world isn't it!

Robin Thompson
07/07/12 08:27:59AM @robin-thompson:

Leonard, enjoy that grandson! Fast as little ones grow, it'll not be long until you can put a dulcimer in front of him and let him make some sound. Smile.gif

Karen Keane
02/26/12 06:57:50PM @karen-keane:

Hey Leonard, Glad we got to meet this weekend in Irving. We had a great time and learned lots of new stuff. I got a bit overloaded at the end of the clinic, but really enjoyed everything. Grin.gif

John Keane
02/26/12 05:29:24PM @john-keane:

Leo is really awesome! We met him at Dulcimerville last summer and got to visit a bit this weekend...just a wonderful person and player!

Linda I. Vickers
06/05/11 07:10:54PM @linda-i-vickers:

Thanks for the hello. I'm glad you could tell it was me. Glen Rose was great fun. I really like FOTMD - Ihis isawonderfully friendlygroup and very generous in sharing knowledge. Thanks again - LindaGrin.gif

David Ellison
03/30/11 06:07:53PM @david-ellison:

I wish we could have made Palestine too....too much going on over here right now to get away. I used to be down around Beaumont but moved to New Mexico the last part of May last year. There isn't a whole lot going on here dulcimer-wise let alone jam-wise..but i hope to remedy that in the coming months.

David Ellison
03/30/11 06:02:13PM @david-ellison:

Hi Leonard...it's nice to see you again..That was a huge class. Is there anything I might do differently or perhaps something in particular you might like to learn at another time. I am always looking for workshop ideas and tunes.

LaRae and I should be rolling into Glen Rose on Thursday before the festival. Look me up...would love to meet you face to face and hopefully play a few tunes with you too! We are staying in one of the cabins and usually sit on the front row at the concerts.

Robin Thompson
03/16/11 12:43:48PM @robin-thompson:

Leonard, you are not having a senior moment! Smile.gif

Though I hadn't posted St Anne's Reel here at FOTMD, I had posted it on YouTube. Yesterday-- I think it was yesterday-- I took it off YT because my timing wasn't as even as I would've liked it to be. Mark and I will make another recording of it sometime before long.

Robin Thompson
01/12/11 07:19:44PM @robin-thompson:


Now that my husband's retired, I'd like to get to visit TX someday. We garden in summer and don't usually venture that far away but I'd still like to, though.Smile.gif

PS-You've got really good-looking dulcimers!

John Henry
01/03/11 06:15:53AM @john-henry:

Hello Leonard, a Happy New Year to you, and that you for your comment.