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Location: Cullowhee, NC
Country: US

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Cheryl Johnson
12/07/12 05:47:35AM @cheryl-johnson:

Yep! Met me right here! Good to 'see' you again!

Cindy Barbee
06/19/11 02:26:35PM @cindy-barbee:
Lil-that would be great to meet you if you can come to our workshop. We have two great instructors coming. We have our workshop info on the "Events/Festivals" tab. I am working on a new website for our group so hope to have that up soon.
Don Pedi
03/10/11 07:16:16AM @don-pedi:

Hey Lil,

Good to see you here.


Phil Myers
07/29/10 07:37:45AM @phil-myers:
Like the new pic, Lil! Your typewriter days are over.
Gary Sager
07/25/10 07:07:59PM @gary-sager:
Thanks Lil. I enjoyed your playing also and appreciate your coming to the mini concert.
Ed Gaunt
05/02/10 08:49:53PM @ed-gaunt:
Hey...What are you up to these days? When are we going to play together again? I cannot seem to make the CMD Group meetings on Thurs nights.Ed
Ben Seymour
02/14/10 12:27:31PM @ben-seymour:
Hi Lil,Introduce yourself Saturday in Shelby so I'll know who you are :) No prep needed although if you are taking the class on 6/8 tunes, listen to some celtic jigs this week to help you get a feel for the rhythmn :)Ben Seymour
Phil Myers
02/04/10 08:06:03AM @phil-myers:
Well, Lil, like you said, I am a dog! So, Ellie's picture did put me over the top! See ya soon.
Edie Harrison
01/13/10 08:52:20AM @edie-harrison:
Nancy and I are reg. to come up. I know Carolyn is not and Don't know about Margit. It is always busy after Christmas it seems. I didn't reg. until last week as I decided I might be able to go by the last of the month. Maybe will see you there. Edie
Edie Harrison
01/12/10 06:26:09PM @edie-harrison:
Hello Lil: Goin' to the Don Pedi workshop? How about Lynne? Edie
Phil Myers
01/03/10 09:26:50AM @phil-myers:
I will try to remember to bring my camera to Junaluska so y'all(you,Lynne, and Sonja) can replace those typewriters!
Edie Harrison
01/03/10 08:50:32AM @edie-harrison:
Hi Lil: Happy New Year! Good to hear from you. Edie
Doris Deadwyler
01/02/10 08:06:05PM @doris-deadwyler:
Hi Lil It was so nice to meet you at Pic an Play today. Thank you for introducing me to "Friends" I do want to go to Lake Junaluska and will be able to get away and checking on the sight to register to go -or I may call the University on Monday to be sure I have a seat in the classes then reseve a room at the hotel there. My picture on here was taken Dec 4 at Friends of the Library, playing Christmas music there. :0 -Doris
Doris Deadwyler
01/02/10 07:20:42PM @doris-deadwyler:
Hi Lil, It was so great to meet you at Pic and Play today! I do look forward to going to Lake Junaluska and from here, next going to check the website to register. I hope they still have availability ( yes, the inkeeper in the biz who should know better, takes the last minute to book -go figure!) I have to know our occupancy to know if I am able to get away from work . I hope to see you there! -Doris
Ken Bloom
12/30/09 04:21:47PM @ken-bloom:
Hi Lil,Glad you enjoyed the little conversation with Bing. He is really wonderful at bringing out areas of the dulcimer world that often don't get a lot of attention. Thanks.
Phil Myers
11/05/09 07:34:33AM @phil-myers:
Hey Lil- your picture on here looks nothing like you do in person. When did you change into a typewriter? :)
11/02/09 11:37:31PM @strumelia:
Hi Lil- good to have you here on FOTMD! :)
Rod Westerfield
11/02/09 11:07:58PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Lil... glad ya joined the family..