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02/27/15 05:11:29PM @macaodha:

That Jig can now be heard in the Irish group.

02/27/15 04:53:01AM @macaodha:

Linda, as soon as I get a chance I will post the Kilfenora Jig with Mick and Paul playing.

Cheryl Forget
11/01/14 08:55:17PM @cheryl-e-forget:
Hi Linda. Thanks for friending me. How are you and Richard, we may be moving when we return from FL this winter. That's the big news. Take care.
Jeannie in Paradise
11/01/14 05:21:51PM @jeannie-in-paradise:

Linda, I see that we're Facebook friends! I guess it's through one of the MD groups, though - not African violets. ;-)

Jeannie in Paradise
11/01/14 05:18:41PM @jeannie-in-paradise:

Linda, I don't know what syringe(sp?)... is. But do I know you on Facebook in the African violet groups? You look very familiar to me!


nick o'sullivan
12/18/13 06:46:37PM @nick-osullivan:

Hi Linda,

Thanks for getting in touch, there were a couple of dulcimer festivals in Cork in the early 2000's were you there for the 1st one?


12/18/13 03:41:31PM @macaodha:

Hello Linda, I'm from the midlands Co. Offaly. Cork city was always a good spot for old timey music. Matt Crannitch, Mick Daly and all that gang were regular visitors to Tullamore one time. What years did you live there and where?

cindi perron
06/06/12 06:54:36AM @cindi-perron:

thank you linda :) mom was an amazing woman, she just didn't know it :) i will call you when i come to tally. my life is going to be a little different now. thanks again!

cindi perron
06/05/12 06:37:09PM @cindi-perron:

Linda, I just wanted to thank you again for Saturday; the dulcimer made it so very special!

cindi perron
10/20/11 05:23:00PM @cindi-perron:
Linda! I'd love to meet! My email address is I'm in tally a lot; I'm using the dulcimer school and a couple of other things to learn right now. Do you go to any of the dulcimer festivals?
John Keane
10/13/11 09:58:14PM @john-keane:
Howdy and welcome to the FOTMD family!
Jim Fawcett
10/13/11 11:32:17AM @jim-fawcett:
Hey Linda, welcome aboard.Glad ya found us.