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Macy Jayne
04/08/12 07:50:20PM @macy-jayne:

Thank you all for the en-purr-agementGrin.gif

Kristi Keller
04/08/12 07:49:41PM @kristi-keller:


04/08/12 05:41:40PM @folkfan:

Cats are a tough audience. At least she stayed and listened. My Tigger just leaves the room. Thanks for posting it.

04/08/12 05:01:13PM @sam:

Seems there's a critic in every crowd. Tuf audience. Made for a great video though. Might go viral?

04/08/12 04:41:04PM @beth-hansen:

That's really adorable!

Joy W.
01/26/12 10:58:35AM @joy-w:

Very sweet. Smile.gif

Kristi Keller
01/25/12 11:04:52AM @kristi-keller:

Well she didn't yowl at you so I think she approves! Few are as severe critics as our pets. Share more.

Robin Clark
01/25/12 08:33:11AM @robin-clark:

Once more - with feline Grin.gif

Macy Jayne
01/24/12 10:33:35PM @macy-jayne:

Yes, Beebie really fretted about that bad note;)

01/24/12 10:31:24PM @strumelia:

Boy she really knew when you hit that bad note- she was embarrassed for you and had to look away!

I think she found the rest of it soothing and lovely. She obviously pre- furs the bass and middle strings over the high notes.