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She's Home

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God gave me this song while driving home from work as a memorial to my Aunt Betty.
Charles McDowell
03/03/12 10:44:07PM @charles-mcdowell:


Macy Jayne
02/20/12 09:21:36AM @macy-jayne:

Thanks everyone, her nickname was Wecky and she died on Groundhog Day this year, which is fitting because she always wanted her own holiday;) She collected a little bit of everything and we actually found groundhog decorations in her room!

Patty from Virginia
02/19/12 06:42:35PM @patty-from-virginia:

Wendy, I love this. It's pretty and right from the heart. Thanks for sharingSmile.gif

Karen Keane
02/19/12 02:27:40PM @karen-keane:

Hey Wendy, your welcome. I thought the song turned out great! The guitar really added a lot to the performance, and I 'm sure that your Aunt would have been proud of you. Great Job!Grin.gif

Macy Jayne
02/19/12 01:09:13PM @macy-jayne:

She's Home

She's home, home where she belongs
In precious Jesus' name she prayed

Mama said she'll miss her for life
Learned everything she knows from her
Now she has no more strife
Cause Jesus died for her

Macy Jayne
02/19/12 12:13:09PM @macy-jayne:

A special thank you goes to Karen Keane for helping so graciously with the sheet music;)

John Keane
02/19/12 11:34:37AM @john-keane:

That turned out very nicely! Well done.