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What Child is This on Kantele

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Duration: 00:01:03
I'm still learnin;) wasn't gonna post anymore kantele vids on fotmd, but 'frets alot' asked a question.
Karen Keane
04/08/12 09:40:39AM @karen-keane:

Great job and I love this tune!

04/07/12 09:57:08AM @susie:


Patty from Virginia
04/07/12 09:45:34AM @patty-from-virginia:

This is prettySmile.gif . Looks like you might have to start a Friends of the Kantele groupSmile.gif

Macy Jayne
04/07/12 08:42:53AM @macy-jayne:

Thanks everyone! John Henry, we need a video of you playing your kanteleGrin.gif

John Henry
04/07/12 08:06:54AM @john-henry:

Great stuff Macy Jayne ! I think that I am going to have to dig my old Kantele out now, and see how that sounds these days, lol


John Keane
04/07/12 06:32:16AM @john-keane:

I agree with the previous posts...that sounds really cool!

Kimberly C.
04/06/12 09:34:11PM @kimberly-c:
Very cool! I love the sound that instrument makes!