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What A Friend We Have In Jesus

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Christine Shoemaker
06/29/18 08:58:29AM @christine-shoemaker:

Very nice, Mandy!  I enjoyed the playing, the story, and the chicken video.  thumbsup

06/23/18 09:09:29AM @mandy:

Thank you Cynthia.  Haha chicken whisperer (we call my daughter that because they love her so).  Have a beautiful day!


Cynthia Wigington
06/23/18 07:44:14AM @cynthia-wigington:

Mandy what I forgot to say in my chicken enthusiasm is that you did a great job with this hymn. We could swap chicken stories for hours - I love that you saved that chick - I'm a chicken whisperer and have a few stories too.

06/22/18 08:37:30AM @mandy:

Haha yes I love my chickens.  

We have 6 Buffs - one nearly died as a 2 day a old chick.  I found her under a pie tin that we had elevating the water.  She was under there at least 12 hours minimum.  She was completely flat.  I hollered for Jon to come over and started crying.  Our daughter didn’t see luckily because the second I saw it I told her to leave.  My big burly husband came over and gently picked her up.  She was still barely breathing. He gave her to me.  He got a bottle cap full of water.  I forced her to drink (her head was flopping around).  We thought she would die.  I held that chick and forced her to drink and we put some of the chick food into water and made a little slurry.  I held her for about 4 hours just stroking her and making her drink and talking to her. She slowly came back.  The little baby started making noises a couple hours in.  We put her back into the pen.  She could barely walk and her movements were very jerky.  We picked her up and put her in the water and food many times in the next few days.  She made it!!  She is so much smaller than the other chickens. As they grew she would always come to us to be held.  She would sit on my daughters lap and fall asleep even.  Now as they are getting much bigger, most of them don’t want to be held.  But our little Pattie (flatty-Patty) that is, is always there near us if we are out.  She comes running out of the pen at night when I go to shut them in.  She makes noises at me and then she’ll go in.  But every single night even if everyone is already inside, she comes out to greet me before going back in.  It’s so sweet!  

We have 4 Barred Rocks.  One we call Little Dot (because she had a white dot on her head and we could tell her from the others) wanted to be held and would come straight to us anytime a hand came into the pen.  Even as a tiny baby she did.  Then as she grew the same thing.  If we came to play with them or water them or whatever, she would be the first one and try and jump into your hand.  As she grew she would start to peck us though.  We still hold her now but you have to know she’s going to peck the crud out of you.  If you bend down while out there in the chicken yard, she will jump up onto your back.  

Haha, you are definitely right, those 2 have some definite personalities.  I’ll try to put them into more videos.  

Cynthia Wigington
06/22/18 07:03:01AM @cynthia-wigington:

What a friend we have in chickens also right? Who are no just chickens, they are God's creatures. Please put the chickens in every vid - I really love Boff Orpington's and barred rock's personalities.