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Country: US

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dulcie mer
10/28/16 01:59:42PM @dulcie-mer:

Hi Martha-e pleased to talk here. I love dulcimer playing and am a beginner. Have a great teacher who is a guitar player never played a dulcimer but I have two so we are both playing. Talk soon early hours of morning here. X

Carole Byrd
06/22/15 04:04:00PM @carole-byrd:

Hi Martha! See you at Early Birds tomorrow.

Sandra and Terry Parker
06/22/15 10:53:16AM @sandra-and-terry-parker:

I just knew someone was following us. I started furtively looking over my shoulder lately. We'll see you at Wallowa...Sandra and I. We can't wait. I think I'll stop in towns along the way and play on street corners for gas money. I figure they might put coins in my cup either to reward me for my rendition of "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain" or pay me five bucks to stop.  

Terry Parker

Joellen Lapidus
06/21/15 11:50:10PM @joellen-lapidus:

Hi Martha,

   Thank you for following me.  I'm not sure what that means yet but I'm glad to make your acquaintance.


Linda Jo brockinton
06/21/15 10:03:31AM @linda-jo-brockinton:

Hi Martha. I see you enjoy fingerpicking. Very nice to meet you. 

Linda B.

Barbara-Lee Jordan
06/21/15 09:28:46AM @barbara-lee-jordan:

So, Martha, are you ready for Wallowa? The "orchestra" tab is a challenge, but I am working on it. I transcribed Spring to "normal" tab for baritone. I don't know if I will play much better, but at least it looks more familiar. I am looking forward to seeing you and playing more with you. See you soon.

Gwen Caeli
02/06/14 10:34:58PM @gwen-caeli:

Nice to meet you, Martha! Isn't cyberspace wonderful for making new friends?



Robin Thompson
11/17/11 04:01:47PM @robin-thompson:


Welcome to Rosin the Bow! Though the group's a fairly quiet one, there's a love of (or at least a fascination with) bowed zitters among us. :) I look forward to your participation!

Martha E
03/08/10 11:05:23PM @martha-e:
Jim Fawcett
09/29/09 03:00:36PM @jim-fawcett:
Hey Martha, glad to see that you're a part of the family...
Rod Westerfield
09/29/09 11:59:13AM @rod-westerfield:
Welcome Martha glad ya joined the family..