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Mississippi Sawyer

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Gail Webber
11/01/13 12:09:43PM @gail-webber:

Very nicely played. You are impressive with that noter!

Jan Potts
04/23/12 03:52:32AM @jan-potts:

Great! Made me want to get up and clog (if that were possible!)Smile.gif

03/04/12 11:24:47PM @folkfan:

Very nicely played. Enjoyed it and thanks for putting it up.

Macy Jayne
03/03/12 10:04:52AM @wendy-coons-karrasch:

Hadn't seen this one yet, wow! Beautiful instrument and playing!

03/03/12 05:26:41AM @sam:

Giiiiiiiirrrrllllllll ........ slow down! You makin' me dizzy. Beautiful instrument, beautifully played.

Robin Clark
11/03/11 08:52:39PM @robin-clark:
That's a great tune Melissa Grin.gif
Rick Kennedy
11/01/11 11:53:22PM @rick-kennedy:
Great video and great playing.
Melissa PNW
10/30/11 11:56:22PM @melissa-pnw:
Thank you!
John Henry
10/30/11 06:49:10PM @john-henry:

Nice one Melissa, I enjoyed that, loved seeing a bamboo noter used to such good effect. Keep 'em coming


John Keane
10/30/11 04:40:06PM @john-keane:
Yep...that's what we call "gettin' after it!" Nice!