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Pretty Little Dog

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Robert L. Porter, Jr.
04/12/14 09:14:17PM @robert-l-porter-jr:

thank you very much sounded great.

Jan Potts
04/02/14 08:18:55PM @jan-potts:

That looks and sounds very good! I'd say you've mastered that technique very well! That's a song I haven't heard before, too, so thanks a lot for putting this video on here.

I haven't tried to do videos, etc. Good heavens--I just tried (again) to order pizza online and couldn't do THAT! Seriously deficient tech skills, I'm afraid.Tongue.gif

Gail Webber
03/08/14 08:01:40PM @gail-webber:

Great job on this and love the tune!

Patty from Virginia
05/25/12 12:10:26PM @patty-from-virginia:

I just saw this. This is great! I agree with Phil we need some more dog songsSmile.gif I'll never look at a zip tie the same againGrin.gif

05/21/12 10:04:34AM @mandy:

Very nice!

Melissa PNW
05/20/12 05:58:52PM @melissa-pnw:
Robin Clark
05/20/12 04:46:04AM @robin-clark:

Great playing Melissa Grin.gif

Thatls a lovely old tone you are coaxing from your dulcimer !!!!

Dusty Turtle
05/19/12 09:55:24PM @dusty:

Wow! This totally rocks!

Dana R. McCall
05/19/12 09:10:22PM @dana-r-mccall:

Zip ties the new turkey featherGrin.gif

John Keane
05/19/12 07:20:25PM @john-keane:

Great job!

05/19/12 06:55:10PM @sam:

WOO HOO! WOOT WOOT! That was just great! Love the sound of that Mastertone. You play really, really well.

John Henry
05/19/12 05:52:59PM @john-henry:

Wow! great sound, like you, Iplay both types of dulcimer ! Thanks for posting !


05/19/12 05:42:44PM @phil:

LOVE It we need more dog songsGrin.gif

ok whats a zip tie pick?