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The Old Oss - Traditional Tunes Played On Scheitholt - Nigel Pennick

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Duration: 00:01:18
Nigel Pennick plays the English traditional tune 'The Old Oss' on scheitholt. The tune is connected withe the rural fraternity of the Horsemen.
05/13/24 07:31:09PM @strumelia:

I love this. The old images you added are lovely as well. Thank you Nigel!

Nigel Pennick
04/28/13 03:24:20PM @nigel-pennick:

Dear Robin -I agree -the mountain dulcime has been used in Englsh folk music for quite a long time.Tim Hart played dulcimer on Folk Songs of Olde England in 1968 - 45 years ago - and dulcimers were being made hee in the 1970s. People accept the Bouzouki as a common instrument in Irish music now, as is the Banjo. Playing at an event not long ago, a woman asked me about my dulcimer, saying "when were those played?" "Now!" was my answer.

Robin Clark
04/28/13 07:29:38AM @robin-clark:

I missed this when you first posted it Nigel. It has always surprised me that the fretted zither never made its way to the British Isles until I realised that it had - now!!!!

I don't see any differnce between today's musicians adopting the instrument in Britain or 19th Century musicians adopting the instrument - at some point in time it had to a 'new thing'. So I think we are quite justified in calling the fretted zither a future traditional instrument of the British Isles Smile.gif