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French jam session: "J'ai Trois Vaisseau"

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Duration: 00:03:05
This is one of my favorite French folk songs. Here sung at a session by my "Les Campagnards" band mates Gary Breitbard (black accordion) & Jena Rauti (white accordion). I'm playing mountain dulcimer in between them. Alan Keith is our trusty piper. The song is of the "river boat" genre. It tells of a girl who falls in love with a fellow who owns 3 river boats, and of her mother who tries to dissuade her from going off with him. Unfortunately, the sound isn't as clear as it was in the last French session video I posted, but the energy is pretty good, I think. Hope you enjoy!
08/10/23 10:42:50PM @shanonmilan:

Love it sir.

Peter Tommerup
06/27/12 04:09:16PM @peter-tommerup:

Hi Patty,

Thank you!

Dulcimer and accordion are great together, IMHO. Their sounds aseem to complement each other and also contrast nicely at the same time. It's sorta like dulcimer and fiddle: both are strikingly different, yet also complementary. I really like this sort of pairing of instruments!

Glad you do too!Grin.gif


Peter Tommerup
06/27/12 04:00:59PM @peter-tommerup:

Hi Dana,

So glad to hear that you enjoyed the video. We had fun playing!Grin.gif


Peter Tommerup
06/26/12 08:42:08PM @peter-tommerup:

Thanks, Carrie! We love music that's bouncy and gets our feet tapping!Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
06/26/12 08:22:03PM @patty-from-virginia:

Another good one Peter. I enjoyed this very much. It's cool to see accordionsSmile.gif

Dana R. McCall
06/26/12 05:22:08PM @dana-r-mccall:

That was fun, loved it Thanks

Karen Keane
06/25/12 03:08:22PM @karen-keane:

This was great! Thanks for sharing! Great job!