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When I Was a Lad on a Dulcimer (from HMS Pinafore)

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:59
This song is as pointedly relevant today as when it was written over 100 years ago as the patter song from Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafore. Played and sung by Sam Edelston with a 3-string chromatic dulcimer.

Guide for the perplexed:
* Writs -- Legal notices.
* Articled clerk -- Basically, an apprentice to a solicitor (lawyer).
* Pass examination -- Basically, the bar exam for an aspiring solicitor.
* Ween -- Believe. (Archaic, from Middle English.)
* Pocket borough -- Legislative district where a single nobleman or family controlled who was elected to Parliament, by bribing all the voters. This practice was made illegal a few years before Pinafore was written.
* Landsmen -- People unfamiliar with the sea or sailing.

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Technical details: Chromatic dulcimer built by Ron Ewing, tuned DAD, played in the key of G. The song can be played without special frets, but it's better with a 0+ and 1+, and a couple of ornaments use the 3+. Song by Gilbert & Sullivan.
Sam Edelston
09/05/18 09:04:58AM @sam-edelston:

Thanks, Elvensong and Ariane. I love the fact that dulcimers are great for all kinds of music.

09/05/18 02:52:48AM @ariane:

Very impressing and remarkably good, Sam!

09/02/18 06:36:31PM @elvensong:

I LOVE it! Fantastic! So very compelling. 

Sam Edelston
09/02/18 06:07:52PM @sam-edelston:

Thanks, guys! sun

Dusty, I was just talking about Buttercup with somebody a couple of weeks ago. But in any case, no, this wasn't my first G&S on dulcimer. Dulcimers are great for more than just rock & roll!

A little Pirates of Penzance.

09/02/18 04:45:23PM @bob:

Pretty amazing playing!!

Dusty Turtle
09/02/18 04:23:00PM @dusty:

Very cool!  First pairing of Gilbert & Sullivan with a dulcimer?  What's next: Little Buttercup?