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Pretty Little Pink

Pretty Little Pink

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A tune I learned from the playing of Hiram Stamper. This was recorded for my band's new CD, The Mound City Slickers: Not Dead Yet. Also playing on this are Rich Hibbs on banjo and Lindell Blackford on fiddle. Hope you like it.
Glenda  Hubbard
06/17/19 03:47:38PM @glenda-hubbard:

Reminds me of The Coo Coo  or Polly Pretty Polly. Very nice! 

Sean Ruprecht-Belt
06/17/19 03:28:15PM @sean-belt:


This is very beautiful and mournful, Sean.  Great band!

Thanks!  Means a lot coming from someone as talented as you.

06/16/19 08:36:26AM @ariane:

Very good combination and sound of the instruments and your voice! dulcimer

Bill S
06/15/19 06:16:18PM @bill-s:

A great listen!  

Gordon Hardy
06/15/19 11:25:09AM @gordon-hardy:

Love the singing and love the playing! Thanks for sharing.

Slate Creek Dulcimers
06/14/19 09:26:30PM @slate-creek-dulcimers:


Robin Thompson
06/14/19 06:06:51PM @robin-thompson:

Sean, very cool.  

06/14/19 03:49:32PM @strumelia:

This is very beautiful and mournful, Sean.  Great band!

Steven Berger
06/14/19 02:47:46PM @steven-berger:

Nicely sung and played, guys!