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Sharon Hall

Tab for "The Prophet"

Does anyone know where I might find the tab for this song?
@Sharon Hall 9 years ago - Comments: 6
Sharon Hall

Crow on the Cradle

I love this song and wondered if anyone has the tab for it?I found it on...
@Sharon Hall 9 years ago - Comments: 8
Sharon Hall

Help... When the bass string doesn't sound right!

I'm tring so hard to wrap my old brain around the different modes....
@Sharon Hall 9 years ago - Comments: 10
Sharon Hall

Question re: bass string tuning

Hi Strumelia,I watched your video on tuning to the four main modes and I...
@Sharon Hall 9 years ago - Comments: 2

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Amazing Grace in Minor key

Posted: Tuesday August 27 2013, 3:23 AM
By: @Robin Clark


Gail Webber
12/23/13 08:23:18PM @gail-webber:

Sharon, I somehow lost your e-mail address and now can't find it. (Da - not the greatest with tech stuff.) My e-mail address is If you will send me an e-mail, I'll respond and attach the info on The Prophet. Thanks

Dana R. McCall
08/21/13 04:48:32PM @dana-r-mccall:

Hello Sharon, sorry but I don't have tab for that I just sang it with out music. But I do have a copy of tab for 2 sisters the way they used to sing it in the mountains I can send you..Im very busy right now with a festival i'm doing but I will find it and send it to you as soon as I can. Thanks for liking my vids.Smile.gif

Rod Westerfield
10/09/09 05:06:32PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome .. glad ya joined the family