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The Blackest Crow

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Stephanie Stuckwisch
10/24/13 11:32:01PM @stephanie-stuckwisch:

Thanks, Nancy. I was tuned to DAC.

Nancy Garrett
10/24/13 03:59:40PM @nancy-garrett:

You sound great,Grin.gif Stephanie! What tuning are you using? I'm starting to work on that tune myself with fingerpicking.


Robin Thompson
11/10/11 12:32:00AM @robin-thompson:
So lovely, Stephanie. I love this tune. :)
BJ Jordan
11/06/11 07:50:51PM @betty-bj-jordan:


I love this song and you did a great job. Beautiful.


Brian G.
11/06/11 04:15:40PM @brian-g:
Stephanie - very nice job! (And very pretty dulcimer.) Thanks for sharing this.
Dana R. McCall
11/05/11 01:50:29PM @dana-r-mccall:
I love it, it's very pretty and you did a wonderful job playing it.
Stephanie Stuckwisch
11/05/11 12:01:03PM @stephanie-stuckwisch:

Thanks for all you kind comments. I was more than a litle nervous doing this.

The dulcimer is indeed a Blue Lion. It a delight to work with Janita as she turned my vague ideas into this instrument.

The quality of the video is due entirely to Niels Andersen. Niels and his wife, Susan Howell (my marvelous teacher) have a few of their own videos on FOTMD.

John Keane
11/05/11 06:44:31AM @john-keane:
Really pretty arrangement and nice picking! I'm guessing that's a Blue Lion dulcimer???
John Henry
11/05/11 05:50:48AM @john-henry:

Thank you Stephanie, good quality video there! What dulcimer are you playing?