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Jenny Fair Gentle Rosemarie

Artist: TS S. Fulk
Duration: 00:00:59

Singing the first verse and then without signing.

Salt Springs
09/04/18 11:01:17AM @salt-springs:

The Library of Congress has audio recordings of so many songs such as this that have both lyrics and in some cases copies of the musical score that date from the early to mid 1900's.  Pearl S. Nye sings many of them which is interesting because we have all heard the tunes, many of us have never heard the lyrics.   This was also called the "The Wife Wrapped in Wethers Skin" or "Gentle Little Jenny", as I recall.  Anyway, check it out if you want some great historic entertainment..some of the recordings are on Edison disc's so they might sound a bit rough.   Anyone know the Lyrics to the Irish Washer Woman?  I didn't until I found this site.  Here is a link...explore and have fun!


09/04/18 07:51:48AM @strumelia:

Yeah the lyrics and sentiment/'lesson' are pretty primitive and unacceptable.  Apparently it was a popular one though, with many lyric versions.  I suspect there were various tunes it was set to as well (like most long lived ballads)

The tune here is quite beautiful though... I'm learning it on my epinette!  It has a familiar tune structure, but its little quirks make it special.  You did a fine job on it!  worthy

09/04/18 03:57:37AM @tssfulk:

Robin Thompson:

This tune is one I've never before heard-- it's wonderful!  Thanks for singing & playing! 


The full lyrics might be hard to take in the modern #MeToo world ("Sweet" William teaches Nancy to be a good wife by beating her), but the melody is very catchy. smile 

Robin Thompson
09/03/18 03:04:37PM @robin-thompson:

This tune is one I've never before heard-- it's wonderful!  Thanks for singing & playing! 

Dusty Turtle
09/02/18 02:14:41PM @dusty-turtle:

Nice tune!

09/02/18 12:04:18PM @strumelia:

This is a very beautiful tune.  I never heard this old song before like this.  Thank you for posting it!