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Gwine Ober de Mountain

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:09
An early minstrel song composed by Dan Emmett, better known as the composer of "Dixie's Land." Played on a 4-string walnut dulcimer. This one is rougher than usual; I just started on it, and needed to get it recorded so I'll remember tomorrow what I was doing tonight.
William Mann
10/31/15 05:03:06PM @william-mann:

I do have Nathan.  Academia craves up-to-date research but, 53 years later, his book is still an indispensible resource for this musical genre.

My arrangement doesn't duplicate Emmett's original version.  Truth to tell, most of my arrangements of historical music take certain liberties in order to create a flow and texture pleasing to me and seemingly to my audiences.  This particular arrangement is based on one I developed on my minstrel banjo on the Civil War reenacting circuit back in the nineties.

10/31/15 02:28:47PM @strumelia:

William, I had been thinking you were going to do this noter style, and I was wondering how you'd handle the changes from major/minor parts.  Well, chording solved that little issue!  giggle2

Nice job!  I should polish up my banjo/fiddle version of this tune with Brian and video it too.  Emmett gave us some real good ones.  Because the 1800s originals are all notated in simple melody lines and not 'arranged', it leaves the interpretation field wide open for all of us, on various instruments.  happydance

P.S. Do you have Hans Nathan's book?  I was reading the chapter on dance just last week.

Ben Barr Jr
10/31/15 08:05:27AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

If that's the rough version, can't wait to hear more polish then...pretty good.