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Singing dulcimists

Hello all!  So, as a singer-songwriter, I am looking to hear singing dulcimists!  I'm having trouble finding recordings where it is all (or at...
@Rachael started 6 years ago - replies: 12
Robin Clark

Singing with Noter Drone Dulcimer - Old Styles

I've been doing quite a bit more singing with dulcimer at gigs recently.  I was never very happy with singing over my playing of the tune in noter...
@Robin Clark started 9 years ago - replies: 17

Favorite genre of songs you sing?

Actually, I'm going to mention a favorite genre of song which I wish I could sing. Patter Songs. In particular the Patter songs of Gilbert and...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 9
Tom McDonald

Advice for a lousy (and stage-frightened) singer?

Just had our annual Coffehouse at the Hills of Kentucky Dulcimers. A great concert full of memorable performances.I had worked hard on singing "And...
@Tom McDonald started 14 years ago - replies: 17
Janene Millen

How do you memorize lyrics?

This is the hardest for me...I'm paper dependent. I've tried printing them out and slipping the pages into plastic sheet covers and hanging them on...
@Janene Millen started 13 years ago - replies: 9
John W. McKinstry

Finding a comfortable key to sing in and accompanying dulcimer chords

Hi fellow Singing with the dulcimer people. Since joining FOTMD a month ago I have learned a lot. I thank Ken Backer for pointing out that the...
@John W. McKinstry started 10 years ago - replies: 5

Throat problems that interfere with singing

After developing a very sudden sore throat this afternoon, I thought I'd raise the question about throat problems and how it or they can interfere...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 14

Song Share

If you've heard an interesting song recently, or have an old favorite, will you please share it with us? I'll start with a song I've recently...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 12

Singing with my dulcimer...

I have always been one to play and sing, because why would you play and not sing?  LOL!  I used to have this throaty, theater voice, but I did not...
@hugssandi started 7 years ago - replies: 3

How much do you change the song you sing? Or making a song your own?

I'm not quite sure how to ask this question, but I suppose the best way is just to plunge ahead. So is it possible to change or make a song too...
@folkfan started 12 years ago - replies: 9
Steve Battarbee

Finding the best keys to sing in and singing in tune!

Aplogies if this this like a re-hash of John's previous post in this group but I couldn't find the blogs and vids John referred to Ive no musical...
@Steve Battarbee started 9 years ago - replies: 4
Ken Backer

Tips on Singing

GreetingsAfter my last blog posting I figured joining this group would be a good idea.Over the years I have played, performed, and sang at venues...
@Ken Backer started 11 years ago - replies: 4

Changing Gender and Politically Correct

Just curious as to others handle the problem or if you even consider it a problem of the gender of a song's singer or point of view. I'm working on...
@folkfan started 12 years ago - replies: 49

Discussion question/Does singing help you play?

Does singing with the dulcimer help your playing style?Here's my answer. I couldn't play without singing as I can't hold a tune in my head. I...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 12

Songs in a theme

Playing the other day got me to thinking of a game. How many songs can you come up with that have a similar word in them?I was working on: Mountain...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 17

Breathing exercises or breath control

As we're a group of people who are interested in singing, I was wondering whether you all do deliberate breathing exercise to expand your singing...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 11
Janene Millen

Arranging for singing

I just made a fingerpicking arrangment for a song which was my most complex as yet (for me). Arranging for singing is such a new challenge...
@Janene Millen started 13 years ago - replies: 7

Expanding repertorie

When you sing do you find yourself sticking to favorite songs or a particular genre? Or do you actively try to expand your repertoire? If so how...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 9
Janene Millen

How do you DOCUMENT your songs?

I have an entire binder of songs I'm always working on learning to sing. They always need new bits and pieces and improvement. I've developed ways...
@Janene Millen started 13 years ago - replies: 7