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Swing Low Sweet Chariot

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John Keane
02/09/15 05:44:06AM @john-keane:

Greg, if you want to get really adventuresome you can also use an actual noter on the bass string...just takes a little practice and a different angle. It's the little discoveries that make this instrument so fun!

Greg Patterson
02/08/15 06:31:37PM @greg-patterson:

Thank you, it is great fun!Smile.gif

Lexie R Oakley
02/08/15 05:36:34PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Nice playing Greg, I know what you mean about discovering the obvious about the beautiful dulcimer and learning to play, I did just what you did113.gif

Like seeing your videos Greg. Keep smiling and strumming!

Patty from Virginia
02/08/15 05:23:36PM @patty-from-virginia:

Nice job Greg!!! I have a habit of doing the same, discovering the obvious. I'm sure you love learning the dulcimer as we all do. It is a fun instrumentSmile.gif