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Sweet By and By

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John Keane
03/07/15 05:41:24AM @john-keane:

I hate that we didn't get to see the deleted scenes (maybe a future "martial arts tutorial for dulcimer playing" is in the works?), but what was posted here is very enjoyable! Smile.gif

Patty from Virginia
03/05/15 02:32:46PM @patty-from-virginia:

Greg, great job on that!!!

Greg Patterson
03/03/15 08:37:19PM @greg-patterson:

Thanks, all, and yes, Gordon, he is a dog, though due to his small stature and pointy ears, Mr. Pickles is often mistaken for a cat. Don't say that to his face, though, because he thinks he's a pit bull32.gif !

Bob Reinsel
03/02/15 10:08:21AM @bob-reinsel:
Gred, good job! You should re-post this over on the Call the Tune Group stream for the March challenge. That way we'll have them all together.
Ben Barr Jr
03/02/15 09:57:48AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Good one! Smile.gif

Ken Backer
03/01/15 06:50:08PM @ken-backer:

Good job there, Greg. Love the tempo and timing change in the middle.

Lexie R Oakley
03/01/15 06:14:59PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Really enjoyed how you played this great hymn Greg. The strumming was excellent!41.gif

Gordon Hardy
03/01/15 04:51:06PM @gordon-hardy:

Great chording and strum mix Greg. Appreciated the special effects dubbing. Looks like your dog (I think it's a dog) might want to be a part of the action too. Good job.