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@Bob, 07/29/20 09:25:56PM
Hi Irene! I saw your note in my Guestbook about Whittier (?) viola pegs. I have a set but never tried to install them! My thought is to contact John Knopf because he has used them and his work is amazing. Wish I could be of more help!
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@IRENE, 01/22/18 10:43:22PM
Yes, Marg, I'll be there FOR SURE. Nope, the Mississippi can't flood where I'm at because we built our house on a pretty high bluff. There is a Dam in Keokuk that was built in 1913 and it raised the river, to be also a "lake". Before it could flood our house, it must go over the Dam. I'll bring a few dulcimers and other things. Possibly the banjo and a bowed psaltery. but spoons and spatulas and bread knives and noters. just little stuffs. I love the festival last year and this year Don Petre will be there. note and drones com
ing up. yeah.
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@marg, 01/21/18 10:44:41PM
I just watched a video of your round home, so beautiful. Does the Mississippi ever flood where you are, I am from New Orleans and have watch the river come up and be very forceful at times.
I was sorry the interviewer didn't show your dulcimers, I think he was more interested in your harp.
Are you still planning on going to Old Palestine in March? How many dulcimers were you hoping to bring? I am planning to be there, just for a day, drive up from the Houston area & back later that evening.
I hope to see you,