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Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen

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Based on the version sung by Henry Way of Bridport, Dorset (southern England in 1906 to the song collectors Henry and Robert Hammond. MD tuning DGd. (From my CD "Says Plato...")
John Shaw
08/20/19 08:33:04AM @john-shaw:

Thanks, @Salt-Springs, for your generous comments on 'Barbara Allen'!  Sorry to have been a while getting back to you but it's been a busy summer so far.

Salt Springs
08/10/19 10:00:38AM @salt-springs:

Brilliant!  This is a really well done version of a classic tune.  It was so enjoyable to hear presented this way.

When the musician fades into the background and the tune becomes the focus you know you are listening to a masterful presentation........."Hit the Golden Buzzer", I say.

John Shaw
07/13/17 06:56:17AM @john-shaw:

Thanks very much, Strumelia! There are so many great ones, but I love this version of the ballad.


Don't know how I ever missed this.  It's a wonderful rendition, John!   smiler

07/10/17 09:35:03PM @strumelia:

Don't know how I ever missed this.  It's a wonderful rendition, John!   smiler

John Shaw
12/08/16 12:44:46PM @john-shaw:

Thanks, Steven.  (It's really not so unusual.  Quite a number of English versions of the ballad resemble this one, and the 5/4 rhythm is quite common.)

Steven Berger
12/08/16 10:21:54AM @steven-berger:

Very nice, John! I've never heard this version...almost like a new song.



John Shaw
12/08/16 07:02:56AM @john-shaw:

Thanks, TL Kelly!

12/07/16 11:42:09PM @tlkelly:

Very nice!!!

John Shaw
07/20/16 05:27:17AM @john-shaw:

Thanks very much, Paul.

Paul Killian
07/18/16 11:34:52AM @paul-killian:

Very pretty. I enjoyed your playing and sings.

John Shaw
07/18/16 07:22:05AM @john-shaw:

Thanks very much, Robin.  (Don't get me started on Brexit!)

Robin Clark
07/18/16 06:43:01AM @robin-clark:

Excellent thumbsup   This is just soooo English - wonderful!  Of course, post Brexit, old England will return to this wonderful feudal era of surfs and wenches and Lords of the Manor and the simple joys of life, like abject poverty and the bubonic plague blinders   I can't wait !!!!!

John Shaw
07/16/16 05:55:33AM @john-shaw:

Thanks very much for your comments, Val and Helen!

Helen Seiler
07/14/16 04:54:35PM @helen-seiler:

Very fine playing and singing John

07/14/16 02:54:40PM @macaodha:

You do great justice to these old ballads John.