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Virginia Oman

Anyone have a contact number for Bob Magowan?

He gave me his biz card at Duklcimer University this past I...
@Virginia Oman 7 years ago - Comments: 1
Virginia Oman

can I capo to play in key of C?

I think I asked this question months ago and someone kindly answered,...
@Virginia Oman 12 years ago - Comments: 3
Virginia Oman

Possible to play in G or C??

Okay all you wonderful theory folk you've been so helpful to me in the...
@Virginia Oman 12 years ago - Comments: 17
Virginia Oman

anyone have a Tom Yocky electric mountain dulcimer?

I know one of my pals in this community has one as I remember...
@Virginia Oman 13 years ago - Comments: 15
Virginia Oman

recommendations for learning the NOTES of the fretboard?

Hi everyone. Thanks for your capo recommendations. Today my challenge...
@Virginia Oman 13 years ago - Comments: 42
Virginia Oman

Anyone else out there have M.S. which is affecting your playing?

I'm a musican and I have secondary progressive M.S. As M.S. brings you...
@Virginia Oman 13 years ago - Comments: 7
Virginia Oman

Jean Ritchie's wonderful book

On Strum's suggestion I bought Jean's book Singing Family of the...
@Virginia Oman 13 years ago - Comments: 11
Virginia Oman

Circle of fifths

Can some music theory brained person talk about the specifics of the...
@Virginia Oman 13 years ago - Comments: 3
Virginia Oman

For those who recommend using Pledge on the fingerboard, do you need to......

Many people posted just to spray pledge on a cloth and wipe on...
@Virginia Oman 13 years ago - Comments: 13

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Anyone know of a GOOD MTN Dulcimer Stand?

Posted: Wednesday December 18 2013, 3:58 AM
By: @Jan Potts

What MAKE of strings is best?

Posted: Tuesday December 20 2011, 5:07 PM
By: @Dana R. McCall


01/01/16 09:28:00PM @marg:


I will be visiting Asheville, NC end of May and while I am there would like to see some dulcimers and maybe come home with one. Could you give me an idea of places around the Asheville area I should look?

Molly McCurdy
07/21/11 01:34:15PM @molly-mccurdy:
Hello, Ginny.No, I've never heard of Dulcimer Players News, but I'll certainly look it up. My only problem with advertising is that I'm a poor, starving artist and can't afford to advertise! I'll check into it, though, and find out how much it costs to advertise with them. I could sure use the exposure! Most of my sales are custom ordered, usually from calls from folks who see my dulcimers at craft shows, or word of mouth. Don't get to do many craft shows, as my sales have been so slow. I'm trying to gradually get the word out a little at a time, though. I had quit building for about 10 years, and having to start from scratch again.I'd love to chat with you sometime and possibly get some pointers from you on how to "push" my sales a little more. I can use all the advice I can get! If you'd like to, give me a call sometime. My phone number is (828)550-5991. (I tried to "message" this to you several times, but it wouldn't send. Hope you didn't receive it 3 or 4 times!)Thanks,Molly
Molly McCurdy
07/20/11 03:16:21PM @molly-mccurdy:
Hi, Virginia. I'm not REAL close to Blowing Rock, but not outrageously far, either. I'd have to ask my sister how far it is exactly. She would know. I'm in the western part of NC, near the TN border. I started building dulcimers about 35 years ago. My favorite uncle taught me how. He died about 25 years ago, but I just carried it on. He only build one, but I watched him, and then learned a little more from a kit. I love building them. I'm having withdrawals right now because I don't have one to work on! I'll have to wait until I sell one before I can afford to buy some more wood. Next time you're up here in Blowing Rock, you'll have to give me a call. Let me know if you ever come up this way again.
Molly McCurdy
07/19/11 10:58:36PM @molly-mccurdy:
Not sure if you saw my other responses to your comments or not, so here it is again just in case. Thanks for the compliments, and yes, the Kokopelli dulcimer does have a zebrawood top.
Molly McCurdy
07/19/11 04:51:02PM @molly-mccurdy:

Hi, Virginia. Welcome to the dulcimer builders' group! My first name is Virginia also, but I go by my nickname, Molly. I live in Waynesville, NC, and have been building mountain (lap) dulcimers for about 35 years. It's nice to see another lady luthier out there! I'd love to hear about the instruments you build.


Molly McCurdy

Steve Eulberg
04/07/11 07:00:07PM @steve-eulberg:

Hi Virginia,

nice to hear of your Colorado connections--I love the photo of you on the floor with all the instruments, of course the singing dog is also precious. I'm glad my post on the Circle of 5ths was helpful to you!


Bill Lewis
03/23/11 04:36:13PM @bill-lewis:

Virginia, sorry to hear of your loss. They do tug at your heart strings. The newist one is Trixie, She was born on Halloween. We have the mother too, her name is KiKi. Never thought i would have a little doggie, now could not imagine haveing any other kind.

Bill Grin.gif

John Keane
03/18/11 06:23:48PM @john-keane:
Welcome to the FOTMD neck of the woods!
Jim Fawcett
03/18/11 02:19:20PM @jim-fawcett:
Hey Virginia, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us. As for your location not being the Meca of the dulcimer world. Neither is S/W PA. Know what you mean!!!113.gif
Bill Lewis
03/18/11 12:53:47PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Virginia, glad ya found us. Grin.gif