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Country: US

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I've been building custom designed dulcimers since 1984. I was a single mom with 2 children, working and going to school, so most of my dulcimer building was done at night, hence the name "Light o' the Moon Dulcimers.” If you or if you know of anybody who might be interested in having a custom designed heirloom dulcimer made, you may contact me at or call (828) 550-2433, Monday through Saturday, 9:00am to 9:00pm.

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Molly McCurdy

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Shawn McCurdy
08/29/13 05:51:49PM @shawn-mccurdy:

Hi Molly, nice to meet you! McCurdy is my married name (nee Lovette). My husband Jim's family is from the Philadelphia/Long Island area. Coincidentally, my Mom and Dad lived in Atlanta, not too far from Stone Mountain, until after I was born, so who knows, maybe we ARE related!

Helen Seiler
08/28/13 06:15:51PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Molly. It probably wont be for a while now. I recently bought one off a member on here. But one of your dulcimers is still very much on my wish list.
Helen Seiler
06/14/13 10:39:11PM @helen-seiler:

G'day Molly, I was just looking at the three lovely dulcimers you have put up for sale to solve your 'little' emergency. I fear they may be well beyond my budget but i thought i would ask how much each was and the vsl of each. I am in Australia and have bought dulcimers from the US,so i am aware of shipping costs. They are all very individual and beautiful dulcimers. Helen

cyndi spear-duncan
12/06/11 10:49:06PM @cyndi-spear-duncan:
Pretty work!
Virginia Oman
07/20/11 01:57:11PM @virginia-oman:
the female figures with teardrop shape is lovely too. I'm sorry you don't live closer...I'd love to come hang out with you. I was just visiting a friend in Mooresville and Blowing Rock. A re you anywhere near those places?
Virginia Oman
07/20/11 01:50:42PM @virginia-oman:
Hey Molly...nice to see another Virginia in the house. So how did you learn to build dulcimers and do you know of other female builders??
cindi perron
05/23/11 12:50:05PM @cindi-perron:
i will do that molly! he's playing a banjo right now. he has played the guitar for years, also messed around with a mandolin and recently he bought a pair of occarinas!
cindi perron
05/23/11 12:17:15PM @cindi-perron:
molly, are all of those dulcimers yours? my brother lives in the waynesville area! small world, isn't it?
George Beckwith
04/18/11 01:32:13PM @george-beckwith:

Good so an email finally got through. You have some beautiful dulcimers.

John Keane
04/13/11 05:46:53PM @john-keane:
Hi Molly and welcome to FOTMD. Have fun and enjoy the place!
Jim Fawcett
04/13/11 04:55:46PM @jim-fawcett:
Well, Molly. Welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.
Bill Lewis
04/13/11 07:10:05AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Molly, glad ya found us. Grin.gif