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Butch Ross
@butch-ross • 4 days ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "FUNNY songs you sing & play on your dulcimer":
"I don’t think sing-alongs necessarily count as “funny songs” but your take on Waterbound is objectively funny. And i’ve not heard the watermelon story but..."
Butch Ross
@butch-ross • one month ago
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Butch Ross
@butch-ross • 2 months ago • comments: 3
Posted a new YouTube video:
How Can I Keep From Singing? (for Maddie)
Butch Ross
@butch-ross • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Created a new forum topic "Maddie MacNeil":
"As many of you likely know Maddie MacNeil passed away last Sunday. At the behest of AShley Ernst from Dulcimer Players News I (and others) made videos..."
Butch Ross
@butch-ross • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Rest in peace, Maddie MacNeil":
"The book has been out for a few years now. But right now it's only available as a download (my printer is in quarantine too).Online rounds don't work because..."
Butch Ross
@butch-ross • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Rest in peace, Maddie MacNeil":
"IRENE: I love rounds.   This is a good one and when is your book coming out?  When raising our 14 children in Hawaii, we did soooooooooo much music...."
Butch Ross
@butch-ross • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Rest in peace, Maddie MacNeil":
"In my book "13 More Tunes Almost Nobody Plays" is the Peace Round by Jean Ritchie. I learned it from Maddie. I was a big jam session at O'Hurley's general..."

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Elzic's Farewell/Greasy Coat

Elzic's Farewell/Greasy Coat

@Butch Ross
2 years ago - Comments: 5

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Paula Bowers
08/09/13 10:37:28AM @paula-bowers:
Just wanted to thank you for the great workshop in Findlay, Ohio, August 8. I believe everyone took away some new ideas!! Thanks again. Best of luck in future endeavors.
Blue Hand
11/04/12 07:14:55AM @blue-hand:

Hi Butch,

First of all thanks for the workshops and everything at Launde! And second, we spoke about loop pedals and gear for busking and performing, and you told me you had some information about that that you could send me and that i had to send a message to you about it, so here it is :D I hope to hear from you!

Take Care!

Robin Thompson
02/23/10 09:03:59PM @robin-thompson:
Old-Time Herald Review, eh? So, is it Mister Butch Ross now? LOLNice review of A LONG WAY FROM SHADY GROVE, by the way.Hope you'll be playing someplace I'll be visiting this year, Butch!Take care and take it easy.
John Shaw
01/30/10 10:49:52AM @john-shaw:
Welcome Butch! Looking forward to your next UK tour. Cheers, John.
Robin Thompson
01/18/10 03:50:33PM @robin-thompson:
Hey, Butch--Good to have you here!Got five-finger shoes yet? :)Mark and I look forward to catching you at a festival or two (or more) this year!
Rod Westerfield
01/18/10 01:44:22PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Butch... glad ya joined the family..
Bill Lewis
01/18/10 12:07:58PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Butch. :)
John Henry
01/18/10 11:00:43AM @john-henry:
Welcome Butch, it was good to see you again at Launde, even tho' my drumming did'nt get you dancing this year!!! Did you get the parcel of CD's I sent on to you? Enjoy the site, JohnH(Crocker). You know, scruffy bloke with a beard!
01/18/10 10:12:19AM @strumelia:
A warm welcome to you, Butch! :)