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Location: Leura NSW
Country: AU

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style or instrument: Dulcimer

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Anne Bowman
08/21/16 10:38:12AM @anne-bowman:

Thanks Lisa.


08/21/16 10:31:08AM @strumelia:

Anne that was lovely.  clapper

jeffrey charles foster
08/21/16 09:38:56AM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

my Grandmother had a pen pal in AU she wrote her letters a better part of her life she kept in touch with her sister and her daughter too and when her friend died se wrote her sister for yrs after that she is 94 yrs old now and she cant do it anymore so sad as she did it for all those yrs. by the way good job on your song Jonathan loved it God Bless!!!

                                                                                                             Jeffrey C Foster.

Anne Bowman
04/23/16 09:20:44AM @anne-bowman:

Thanks Rob ...


Rob N Lackey
04/20/16 06:39:57AM @rob-n-lackey:

Well, after listening to your "un-named" tune, I had to give this one a listen as well.  You wanted some criticism?  Here goes:  It's too short, way too short.


Lexie R Oakley
04/12/16 11:26:16AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very nice tune Anne, I hope your son enjoyed it as I did. thumbsup

Hope your son gets better soon.

Anne Bowman
04/12/16 09:54:31AM @anne-bowman:

Thank you Steven. I generally play it AABB, but I figured AB was enough for a first go.

Steven Berger
04/12/16 09:37:02AM @steven-berger:

Nice little tune...sounds great!




Anne Bowman
04/12/16 08:01:00AM @anne-bowman:

Well, here's the first go at recording.

I know there are problems with - a. Performer... b. Recording,as there are some crackly bits. ...

I wrote this for my son ... and it's just a simple thing (my second go at a tune), but it chimed with the way I was feeling as I wondered how he'll get on and how soon he'll get over Chronic Fatigue.

Anyway, hope those that do listen think it's O.K crossfingers  ... but- hey, you've only yourselves to blame ... it's all this encouragement you dish out...