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Help with a Hungarian citera

Posted: Tuesday June 5 2018, 10:28 PM
By: @Don O.


David E.Hall
05/26/13 07:14:01PM @david-ehall:

Dave I tried that just got the site. The moderators are looking into it. I got a messgae from him on 25may, replied, then nothing !

robert schuler
08/24/12 10:58:35PM @robert-schuler:
Hello Dave. I never heard Ian Walker before. Hawks and Eagles is a fiddle tune made popular by Norman Edmonds from the 1930.s. That was the tune I was trying to play. Walker used the melody to build his song on... Very nice. Thanks Bob.
David E.Hall
07/13/12 08:07:02AM @david-ehall:

Dave & Dana further thought Have just looked it up on the Web Site called The Session The music & ABC are there , as far as variations - pass. I can just about play Bill Charltons Fancy through twice without any of the variations ( I havent got enogh fingers on the left hand)

David E.Hall
07/13/12 07:48:58AM @david-ehall:

Dave, the only Tab i Know is the ones you smoke ( geordie expression for Cigarettes) The short answer is no . I learn everything by ear or sometimes osmosis . I do know it requries the 1 1/2 fret to get the F Natural . Th second & third parts of the tune If thats what they are , I have never mastered . Only thing I can suggest at this time is play it over & over ad infinitum until it sinks in . Sorry no Tab

Dana R. McCall
07/11/12 06:32:26PM @dana-r-mccall:

Hey Dave I want to learn King of the Fairies! Is there tab for it anywhere.

Karen Keane
07/07/12 07:45:16PM @karen-keane:

If you have any questions, just holler!

07/07/12 09:32:21AM @foggers:

Hello - nice to see someone else on here from the RIGHT hand side of the Big Pond!

David E.Hall
07/04/12 09:47:39PM @david-ehall:

Hi Dave , You missed Newcastleton this year Frown.gif . Anyway it rained & was windy and a bit cold. The camp site was a bit soggy . Now I will have to write a blog to explain all that. Nice to see you here, even if we are talking via the States. Keeping well I hope.

Jim Fawcett
07/04/12 09:01:56PM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Dave, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.

Karen Keane
07/04/12 06:07:56PM @karen-keane:

Hello and welcome to the site. This is a great place to share ideas and listen to music. I hope you enjoy!

Rob N Lackey
07/04/12 05:53:53PM @rob-n-lackey:

Welcome, Dave, to this little corner of dulcimer heaven. Can't wait to hear your version of King of the Fairies. We all enjoy hearing the old tunes. Hope you enjoy it here.


Benjamin W Barr Jr
07/04/12 05:44:41PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Dave, and welcome tothe world of the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer. It's a good place to come, spend some time, learn about the dulcimer, and to meet some fine people.

Ben Smile.gif

John Henry
07/04/12 03:19:20PM @john-henry:

Hello Dave and a welcome to you from the UK/European group within FOTMD, glad you found you way here! 'King of the Fairies' eh ! I have an old tape of Phil's, 'Iron Man', on which he knocks out a very good rendition of that tune !


John Keane
07/04/12 10:41:28AM @john-keane:

Howdy and welcome to the FOTMD gang!