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A tune I wrote years ago that more than once someone, after hearing it asks me to "play that last song again". Played on a 10 yr old McSpadden (Dave Schnaufer) model Mt. Dulcimer.
04/17/18 06:14:34AM @elvensong:

You are still playing this after all these years? Me too! I don't even remember the name, do you?

Dude it is soooo damn good to hear you play again.

04/17/18 05:54:53AM @ariane:

This is so lovely - thanks for sharing flower

Paula Brawdy
02/17/17 06:19:41AM @paula-brawdy:

Beautiful!!!   Love the song...   Are you playing on a baritone mcspadden, or is it tuned lower?  sounds good...

Bill S
11/08/16 01:35:06PM @bill-s:

lovely playing and a lovely tune


Lynn austin
11/07/16 09:56:05PM @lynn-austin:

What a beautiful composition!!!!...thank you for sharing....

Cynthia Wigington
11/07/16 07:59:56PM @cynthia-wigington:

It feels like being outside at night, gazing at the stars and moon...

Patty from Virginia
11/01/16 04:57:10PM @patty-from-virginia:

I love this. Thanks for sharing!!!

Jan Potts
11/01/16 02:01:21AM @jan-potts:

Like it!thumbsup

Robin Thompson
10/31/16 10:06:47PM @robin-thompson:

Lovely composition beautifully played.

10/31/16 03:27:21PM @strumelia:

Not surprising that people ask to hear it again.  Very contemplative and pleasing piece, beautifully played.

10/31/16 02:57:40PM @flwoods1:

While I get a Baby Grand Video, Here's a little tune I put together about 25 years ago.