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Avenging and Bright

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:27
04/18/18 06:20:19AM @elvensong:


Hey Dean, you got that cd I sent you off of my old " practice" cassette?  If do, maybe upload a few of the tunes for the folks..

Nah but it was a practice tape so the quality wasn't that great. I have re-recorded many of those songs in Logic Studio so the sound will be better than a CD burned from an old cheeto-stained practice cassette (google it, kids lol)  and some are just about ready to post then I'll get started on the rest. Here's part of what I remember from our set list - I'll bet you remember some others I've forgotten (I hope!?) The asterisks are ones I will post in the next couple of weeks or so (Cerise, Cerise first - *smiling at Ariane*):

*Of Stormy Seas and Tall Ships Sailing

*Flight to Minas Tirith

*Cerise, Cerise (this is the first one that @Ariane is going to delight us with her interpretation on tin whistle)

The Jah Jah Song

*A Stroll Through The Shire (I didn't have a title then but you'll recognize it)

*The Bells of Rivendell (again no title but you will recognize it)

*No Regrets - I wrote for Elaine. I think you might have heard the first version before migrated back to the east - what the hell is the matter with you Frank? You've seen the Pacific NW right  lol

*Dancing on the Fretboard - a tune I believe I wrote after you moved back east. It has an Irish reel/jig flair or whatever (I can never remember the differences) - It's one that I use a ton of hammer on/pull offs. If you don't remember it then I can't wait to play it for you.

Oh and remember "The Long Song" lol Not sure why I never came up with title. I believe it was about 20 minutes long wasn't it? I can only remember about 7 or 8 minutes but I get little snippets knockin' on my cranium from time to time. 

And I've been working on our renditions of Buck Dancer's Choice, June Apple, Whiskey B4 Breakfast, Parson's Farewell, The Ash Grove, Sandy River Belle - don't look surprised, Frank, I never said I didn't love them but I just wanted to continue writing originals.

IMHO that's the ultimate rush.


By the way, have I thanked you lately for introducing me to the dulcimer? hi5


04/18/18 01:58:51AM @flwoods1:

Hey Dean, you got that cd I sent you off of my old " practice" cassette?  If do, maybe upload a few of the tunes for the folks..

04/18/18 01:49:45AM @flwoods1:

Thanks Dean, Strumelia. I am in the Philippines now, introducing the md where I can . I did Avenging and Bright with Paul Caca, possibly the best uke player in the phils. We recorded it in a hotel bathroom during a typhoon. The digital recorder failed so the sound quality so/so. So on yt paul caca-ukulele we later did "Wellyn"

04/17/18 08:02:36PM @strumelia:

I love reading the background stories, and I loved listening to this beautiful piece played by Frank/Flwoods1.  worthy

04/17/18 03:03:17PM @bob:

Phenomenal thumbsup !

04/17/18 01:17:47PM @ariane:

What an amazing and unbelievable story with you two! Looking forward to hearing more from both of you...thumbsup

04/17/18 10:52:19AM @elvensong:


Wow! This is fantastic!


And it is great that through comments of other members one can enjoy and become aware of great "elder" audios/videos uploaded here.

Hey Ariane! This is Frank Ledgerwood: the man that introduced me to the dulcimer...then promptly moved to the other side of the country. what

His taking a job on the other side of the country is the reason I developed my own voice: there was no internet and I had no idea how to find other players so I just started playing the instrument and seeing what it could do.

After a few years, he moved back to the Seattle area and he and I formed a duet called Robinson & Ledgerwood.

Frank has an uncanny ability to find just the right harmonies and it took us less than a year to end up on the Arena Stage at the 1986 Seattle Folklife Festival.

This is the stage that was broadcast over KUOW radio in addition to the audience in the arena. The Seattle Folklife Festival is the largest west of the Mississippi and is attended by thousands each year. I don't know how many were in the audience, I just know it was enough to make me want to pee my pants lol. We also played the 1986 World's Fair in Vancouver, B.C. 

Frank's always loved the fiddle tunes and because I was self-taught, I wanted to play originals. You know how stubborn artists can be so we called it quits and haven't seen each other in years, mainly due to the fact that he moved back to the "wrong" coast. :D

It is so amazingly wonderful to hear him play again. 

I have no doubt you'll hear many of our original tunes over the next few weeks and months as we have buried the hatchet and are gonna dust them off and get them back under our fingers.



04/17/18 06:20:34AM @ariane:

Wow! This is fantastic!

And it is great that through comments of other members one can enjoy and become aware of great "elder" audios/videos uploaded here.

04/17/18 06:11:02AM @elvensong:


Nicely done! What a great rendition. 

Damn it all, you were supposed to stay on the West Coast so we could continue Robinson & Ledgerwood. I hope you're suffering horrible humidity lol.

God it's good to see you and hear you again, my friend. PM me and let's exchange info.  I quit Facebook in November 2016, it's too toxic. 

Gotta tell Tim you're still alive lol

Take care bud


12/21/16 09:11:32PM @marg:

Always impressive, good to see you again. Merry Christmas

Gwen Caeli
11/25/16 03:12:48PM @gwen-caeli:

Love "Avenging and Bright" (Cruachan na Feinne)!  It is in the Fresh Airs - Irish Antiquities dulcimer book.  Sounds good on your dulcimer!

Steven Berger
11/13/16 05:09:56PM @steven-berger:

Very nice!



Lexie R Oakley
11/12/16 09:59:43AM @lexie-r-oakley:

That was beautiful and dramatic, I really enjoyed this.

David Pedersen
11/12/16 09:52:02AM @david-pedersen:

That was cool and fun.


11/12/16 08:42:46AM @flwoods1:

At a Brewery Gig some 20+ years ago, that ran unexpectedly long, I had begun to run out of "Performance Ready" tunes and this jumped out of the sound holes. Starting with a Renaissance Tune, throw in Kitchen Girl and add "filler" Still going to do vid with new Clemmer Baby Grand, but need to eject present pick up. Too much of a hindrance and hard wired in...a failed experiment....