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Merry Christmas to All, A simple version of "I Wonder as I Wander" A song that came out of Murphy, N. Carolina in 1933. Sung by a young Annie Morgan at a revival meeting. John Jacob Niles happened to be there and paid $.25 each time for 8 times for her to sing it for him, so he could write melody and the 3 lines. He went on to add two more versus and publish it in 1934. Hope you enjoy.
01/13/17 11:36:11PM @marg:

I always enjoy your playing, thank you

Lexie R Oakley
12/24/16 11:36:43AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very beautiful! 

Steven Berger
12/24/16 09:19:29AM @steven-berger:

Very nice!



12/23/16 09:23:01PM @irene:

I love playing this song on the harp....but going to try on the Dulcimer.  thank you for such a beautiful rendition.  One time I had the opportunity to repair a old Hawaiian slack key guitar that was NOT amplified.  It was a beautiful instrument and I sent the owner to have it repaired by a more qualified person then I was at that time. It's shape was very much like this instrument you have on your lap.  aloha, irene